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3rd recurrence; Doxil next . . . .

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The past few weeks have confirmed another recurrence of my primary peritoneal cancer, first diagnosed in July 2012. After a 3-month "chemo holiday," CA 125 was over 300, so in April 2014 I started Carboplatin only. CA 125 went down until summer, but never got to normal as it had in 2013. The lowest it got in 2014 was about 46; it's been rising fast of late to over 100 in September and 242 in late October. So now I've just started Doxil once a month and am hoping for the best.

I don't think CA 125 will be measured again until the end of November, & I've been told to expect no decrease until after 2 infusions--which means the end of December. Cross your fingers for me!

As always, all the details are at 


Best wishes to everyone!


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My mom's in her third recurrence as well... keep the faith, this is a great resource!

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hi Carole,

lim sorry to hear this. I have been on chemo for reoccurrence for over a year and a half now. I am on my 3rd different chemo drugs. I was on carboplatins, then doxil, amg386 and now taxotere and avastin. My CA 125 finally came down to 656 but for the last two month they have went up to 1301. CT scan doesnt look bad but can't seem to get it in remission. Keeping it controlled is what the dr says. The chemo has really taken a toll on me but I'm happy to be alive. Good luck to you and you will be in my prayers.



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Just checking in to say "hang in there"! My mom also had a 3 month chemo holiday and is now in the middle of her next 6 rounds.  This has been a roller coaster, but I called her today to wish her "Happy 3 year Anniversary".  On this day, 3 years ago, the dr. called to tell us the horrible news and that she was looking at a 7-10 month time-frame.  She looked at me and said, "I don't think so - I have too much to do."  This has been her mantra ever since.  

There have been ups and downs along the way (in the form of fevers, infections, neuropathy, weight loss, weight gain, fluid retention, hair loss, yucky days, icky days and totally gross days) but we'll take each and every one! I've watched all kinds of numbers go up, go down, go up up up and go down down down.  I can't look at anymore tumor markers, cbc's platelets and hemoglobins.  Everyday I ask her how is she feeling and am grateful for the "goods, okays and ehhhhs".  Everything else is "doable" but not desireable.  

Our fingers are crossed for you and wishing you the best, especially during the holidays.  Be Well



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Just want to say thanks for all the thoughtful comments. I appreciate your good wishes. And it's true, this site is a great resource.

Been told I must wait weeks for results from my new drug, Doxil. But I think it's already working. Before my PET scan in Oct, I had twinges of pain in my upper abdomen (where the new tumors are), just like I did when first diagnosed in 2012. But they're much better--mostly gone now! Fingers remain crossed.

Happy Thanksgiving to all. My favorite holiday--nothing to do but eat good food!

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