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I have a mom that is diagnosed with Anaplastic Thyroid Cancer.

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My mother was diagnosed with Anaplastic Thyroid Cancer last week and the doctors are not too optimistic.     The doctors kind of seemed cold when they were giving her the diagnosis.

I was in the room when she got diagnosed and honestly 10 seconds after hearing it,  one of the doctors seriously expected to be rational and not break down.      They have only given my mom 

2 years to live and she is just accepting it.    My mom really doesn't want to fight and as much as I try to motive her,  i don't think that it is working.     My mom starts chemo and radiation 

this week but the doctors say that the tumors are starting to grow back even after they cleaned out 90 percent of it in the first surgery that my mom had like 2 weeks ago.    My mom has been 

in the hospital since october 11th and the first surgery was on october 12.    The doctors put in a trach and that wasn't removed until last week.     My mom is sitting up and alert and has a

gleam in her eye whenever I come around.....not really sure what that is about.    Most of her visitors are people from her church or people that she never really liked in the first place,  so I guess I am a refreshing taste.    

 I am in college so I can't visit her everyday and that is absolute torture.        

I have been looking online for herbal cures and clinical trials and pretty much anything that will give her extra time.      

I hate that all of this has happened and I hate that all I can do is sit by and watch it happen.    

I love my mom and I want her to come home and I want all of this to be a nightmare that I will wake up from soon.    

I never in a million years thought that I would have to deal with really any kind of cancer since it does NOT run in my family.      

I am trying to handle the bills and buy groceries and basically keep everything together while my mom is in the hospital but I am constantly afraid of screwing something up or having a damn nervous breakdown.      

21 year olds are supposed to be irresponsible and worried about partying and studying,  not handling budgets and making grocery lists.      

I have no problem helping my mom out but somedays I just want to throw caution to the wind and start over somewhere else.    

I know I sound selfish but that is just how I feel.        Now that my venting is over,   has anyone out there been able to survive this horribly mysterious cancer?

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beat atc
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24 months out doing ok, will to live , being positive and God will help

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one of my best friends texted me from Mayo clinic 2 days ago after I hadn't heard from her .... she said she was diagnosed with ATC and they found a secondary (unrelated) lymphoma in her breast. She had surgery to remove thyroid yesterday and is doing well but we haven't gotten news as if it has spread or was contained to thyroid.   She will be treated here in Louisville at James Brown Cancer Center with aggressive chemo/radiation for 6 weeks.  right now she has paralysis in a vocal cord but can eat and swallow.

Beat ATC....was yours contained to the thyroid or was it in other areas?   You're posting has helped me be more positive for her. Most of the info out there seems like "just forget it"  So thanks. 

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Update on my mother's condition:

My mom pulled through 2 additional surgeries and was released in late October.     My mom is in a skilled nursing home to regain strength in her legs from the surgeries,  which she has done for the most part.

My mom is going through chemo and radiation.    My mom has started to lose her hair and her sense of smell but I keep trying my best to boost her spirits.

Thank you to everyone who read my previous post and is praying for my mom to have a full recovery.  :)

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I am glad to hear you both are hanging in there strong and true.

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glad your mom is doing better. My friend is starting treatment soon!  Please keep us updated


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It is only the 2 of us, no family/friends living nearby. Radiation/Chemo is starting next week. Any advice how to make it easier for my husband, the patient? What changes to expect?

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