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Thinking of you Ro and Helen

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Hi, Ro and Helen,

Just want to say that I am thinking about the two of you and wishing you much success and no discomfort tomorrow with your procedures.

Bless you,



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Cathy, we must be on the save wave length!    Was just going to post.

To Ro and Helen:    Thinking of both of you tomorrow and wishing you both well.




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It happened to Me
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Will keep you in my prayers for a good appointment.


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I hope everything goes perfectly and you get excellant results.  Will be waiting to hear your first hand accounts.

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Will let you know how it goes tomorrow.  I am anxious to get started with the treatments.  I appreciate you thinking of us.  Helen hope the inserting the gold seeds goes well.  I remember men with prostate cancer having seeds implanted prior to their radiation.  Hope they give you something good to relax you.  

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