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Hip Pain Continues

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I'm going in to an Orthopetic (now Sport's Medicine) doctor on Tuesday to find out about my hip/leg pain that has been bothering me since beginning of the year.  It has been on and off for the last year but worse the last two months.  Don't like taking pain pills every day but seem to be taking Neproxin almost every day just to bear the pain.  Please keep me in your prayers, good vibes and wishes that all goes well on Tuesday that it's nothing serious and can take care of it easily.  I'm just so scared that something is really wrong as my hip/leg isn't getting better.  Pray for all of you always and thank you for your prayers for me as well.

Hugs!  Kim

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I hope your new Doctor has something that will be of help to you. 

Sue - Trubrit

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And good wishes every day! I hope you just need a "tune up"




Cathleen Mary
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Prayers, Kim.  Let's hope it is one of the many age related issues that seem to start fairly 'young'.


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I feel for you. I've been having the same issue for the last few weeks. I went to the doctor and he's sending me to an orthopedic, too. It will have to wait until I get back from a visit with my granddaughter. It's her 1st birthday. It's probably just age, arthritis maybe? That's what I am thinking. Every time I bend my knee you can hear a crack!

Let us know how it goes. Feel better!


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but I do have to at least mention it. 

After treatment, I had terribly pain.....well, bareable, so I guess not really terribly... in my knees, hips and my right arm. It was the right arm that made me wonder, just what was going on. Why just my right, and not my left?  Well, what was going on was bread and sugar. It is causing inflamation of the joints. I have cut down on both, drastically, and my pain has diminished, drastically.  If I cut bread and refined sugars out, I have no doubt the pain would be completely gone. 

Sometimes it is something you never think of. Something 'easily' treatable. Its not really been 'easy' because I LOVE bread. But I find that I love not being in pain, more. 

Good luck today. I am thinking of you. 

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Good vibes your way, my mom had 2 hips replaced and is doing great but let's hope for an easier fix first. I think the more anti inflammatory we make ourselves the better for our joints and our cancer. Good luck!

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Pain is no fun alright.

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Nana b
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Get better. Sending prayers for no more paim. 

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Iam sorry to hear about your suffering Kim. I pray that you can find some relief soon.

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Kim, Good luck with everything tomorrow; I hope that the good doctor can alleviate your pain. You certainly deserve a break from it all. 

Best wishes,


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I have tonsay, I have been in the same boat and have found chiropractic therapy, pt and message helps. 

Hope this is an esay fix for you! 

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I hope the doc will be able to quickly get to the bottom of the issue and that it is easily fixable.  Goodness knows you have more than enough to contend with!  Wishing you a speedy recovery!

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Just logged in and saw your post.  Geez, I am so sorry you are in such pain.   Hopefully, the docs will fix you up.   If you need some pain medication while they investigate it then go ahead and take it.  I hate to think of my friend hurting so much.   You beat cancer, you will beat this also!

Hugs and more hugs - Tina

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