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We are Alive ... Period!

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July 2013

Come meet us! We are 5, 8, 10+ year long-term cancer survivors. Nobody in the world understands better than we do - where you are & what you need. Learn from long-term survivors. If we can do it, so can you!

Long-term cancer survivors (LTCS) mystify the medical profession because they don’t know how to duplicate the results. 

Motivational theory behind our group - On May 6, 1954, Roger Bannister broke the 4 minute mile. That meant he ran 1,760 yards in under 4 minutes. Prior to that date, for thousands of years, people tried to push themselves to run as fast as possible. Experts suggested that the human body had limitations; that we had found the limits of the body and could not expect to achieve a 4 minute mile. Yet, in 1940 the mile record was set and held at 4:01 for nine years...until Bannister came along. Once Bannister broke the 4 minute mile, others began to run under 4 minutes as well. Bannister held the record for only 46 days. Today it is common place for professional runners to run a mile under 4 minutes. What happened to the expert’s theory of our body’s limitations?

So here's the deal, since others have survived a high risk and at times a late stage cancer such as ovarian cancer, could we begin to look at their examples of survival as our own possibility? Could we begin to make survival as commonplace as breaking the 4 minute mile? Would you agree that the simple act of observing and interacting with long-term survivors is worth a try? If you were faced with the grim statistics of cancer, would you want to know that someone has overcome these grim statistics? Don't you want to become a stat-buster by outliving cancer?

We meet monthly, 4th Wednesday of each month, at a tea house, Zen Tea in Chamblee, Georgia and we are making things happen to grow to more locations too! This group is different than anything that has ever been done before...it's all about long-term survivors - letting all cancer patients know and see that long-term cancer survivors do exist. Our motto is "If we can do it, then so can you."

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Good to know you exist and want to help! :)

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Hello Jean-Luc! Sorry to have taken so long to reply ... I read your bio and am totaly amazed at your positive attitude. Are you familiar with Greg Anderson? He was diagnosed with terminal lung cancer, given a short period of time to live ... that was 30 some years ago! He has written several amazing books that if you haven't already read them, they will be well worth reading. You can find them on Amazon.

There is also Richard Bloch's book "Fighting Cancer." Mr. Bloch was diangosed with late stage lung cancer and was also given a bleak prognosis many-many years ago. He outlived his cancer. He and his wife committed themsleves to help others and so started the R.A. Bloch Cancer Foundation. In his book (which you can download for free!) Mr. Blcoh talks about the Attitude Quiz - an critical tool to use along the path of recovery.

If they can do it, so can you!

Hope this helps a bit.


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Hello , It was nice to read and hear about the group you have started there in Georgia.Letting all cancer survivors and patients join in to see that long term cancer survivors do exist.There is hope and comfort in knowing that others are making themselves available to reach out to others with care.Good for you ! And, be successful and may you see hope come alive in others along the way,sharing stories that bring encourgement.I am looking forward to my day of celebration in the month of May.I am blessed ! 5 years and going strong with each passing day.

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Congratulations on you 5+ years outliving cancer. Yes, prayers are heard and answered. I read your amazing story and really connect with how you have been reaching out to others to help them. It does help to keep your focus off your own predicament. By doing so, you are naturally disabling the power of stress. Healing always follows. Keep sharing your strength found in your faith.


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