End Stage GBM Stage 4

My Mom is end stage GBM Stage 4 with severe cognitive impairment. Pastoral and hospice counseling offers no solace dealing with her impending death as she simply isn't rational enough to retain the information. I've been thinking of telling her that everything will be okay and she isn't dying but I'm fearful of doing so. If it offers her a measure of peace is it wrong to do so?



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    If it makes her feel better,

    If it makes her feel better, how can that be wrong?  Right now all you can do is help her be as comfortable as possible.   Take care of yourself so you can stay strong. 


    My my mom is probably right behind yours in this most horrible disease. How do you know when she's in the end stage?  My mom is doing temador and dr just suggested adding Avastin but we're having Medicare issues. 

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    Me too...

    I too have to ask how you know when you've reached "end stage"? While I am certain we aren't there yet, I know it will come.  My mom was diagnosed with a Grade 4 GBM almost two years ago, after successfully fighting breast cancer.  She had surgery and radiation on the first and treated with temodar.  She changed to avastin, then had to have radiation on another spot.  Most recently she had surgery on a much larger mass in her brain.  After suffering a large loss of motor skills with the most recent tumor, she has developed pneumonia.  I don't know what is next, but from my limited experience I can only imagine that if she really doesn't know any better there couldn't be any harm in trying to bring her some peace.  All I have wanted to do throughout this experience is bring my mom some comfort.  I hope you are able to do that.  My prayers are with you and the other person who commented.  I wouldn't wish this on anyone!