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Feeling a little spotty - CT Scan results

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So, I got my CT Scan done on Wednesday and the results today. 

Three spots of interest on the liver. One they believe to be scar tissue from the Ablation. Another one looks allot like a hema - somthing. Some kind of blood flilled thingy. I'm usually better at getting information, but obviously not today (Edit: I do believe he called it a Hemangioma). The third one they are really not too sure about. It is close to the pancreas. 

So, what are they going to do? Chemo, surgery, no, they are going to keep an eye on them, and on my CEA. Right now my CEA has dropped down from 20 to 1.5 since the Ablation, and the Oncologist is happy with that. 

I'm not bummed. I'm going to England and nothing short of something REALLY bad, is going to stop me. I have the blessing of my Oncologist too, and he would tell me if he thought I should not be going. 

As I was driving the 160 miles home, all alone, I was thinking about life and death, and how blessed I feel to be alive.  I will try my very, very best to not grumble over the simple things. The IV, Colonoscopy, drinking nasty liquid. In fact, when I was preparing for the CT Scan, with every sip of that thick, white stuff, I raised my cup to all of those from this forum who have passed since I joined. I named a name for each sip, Dick, JBG, Sandi's hubby, Doc Hawk, Vicki, Judy, Ren, Buz, Bigman for Christ, Joemetz..... oh the list is too, too long. I know they would or their loved ones would give anything to be the one drinking the goop, having the IV, the scan. 

So, I say happy day for me.  I will go forward happy and live my life to the fullest, no matter how long it is going to be or what may be on the books in the future. 


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Laughing Well that just made me smile!  I am sailing on your boat! 

I hope you have a wonderful time! 

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Everything sounds promising and I am glad for that.

However, I am so envious of your trip across the pond!  I hope that you have safe travels, wonderful weather and a great time.


Marie who loves kitties


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Glad that you got some good news and you're able to journey on to home for what you call "holiday."  Sounds like you will be moving on with caution and the CEA sounds wonderful especially when this has been a marker for you.  Good results and glad that you can be comfortable with your last report.  Glad for you and wishing you the best forward.  Onward dear girl for a wonderful vacation to come :)


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I've heard from many long term survivors there's always some little something that is not conclusive, borderline etc etc. The resolution of the scans is just not that great. I've had spots completely disappear and some stay unchanged for long periods of time. The fact that they just want to watch is very reassuring. It means that there is nothing they're that excited about. Enjoy your vacation and forget about stupid cancer for a while!

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jour travels and each and every day.

Love your attitude!

Hugs from Cologne, Germany


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I think wait and see is the right approach at this time but make sure they are aggressive about it. Scans at least every 3 months. Have fun in England.

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Nana b
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That's the attitude,  Enjoy Englad, then come back and kick butt.   See you soon. 

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Love your attitude.  Have a great trip!


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Go and enjoy your trip! When you get back you can revisit what you need to do. Just stay on top of them. Make sure you follow up and as others have said, be aggressive about how it's handled. Have fun and take some pics that you can share with us.


Cathleen Mary
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Great attitude!   Enjoy England, even the anticipation! An alert wait and see seems like a good plan. It is actually how we live most of the time post diagnosis :-) 

Enjoy!!!! Safe Travel.


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Go to England, have a blast!  Your CEA is so low, hopefully the spot will be gone on the next scan.  I love how you named each sip for a boad member, that's great.  Traci

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