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Seeking Recommendation for Radiologist for Salvage treatment in Nor Cal area

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Its back....If anybody has input on salvage radiation and better yet a few recommendations a Radiologist in the Nor Cal area will be greatly appreciated….Thanks…


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Sorry about the need for SRT. All the best wishes as you move forward.

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I would recommend my radiation oncologist -- Dr. Alexander Gottschalk -- at UCSF.  He is an Asst. Professor in the Dept of Radiation Oncology at UCSF and is the Director of the CyberKnife program there.

While CK may not be appropriate for salvage treatment, Dr. Gottschalk should be able to tell you what treatment would be best for your circumstances and who at UCSF would be the best person to treat you.

Here's his profile and contact info: http://cancer.ucsf.edu/people/profiles/gottschalk_alexander.3505 and .here's an article about his research effots: http://radonc.ucsf.edu/faculty/physicians/gottschalk_a.html

You can find additional info on him by doing a simple Google search of his name.

Good luck!

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thanks for the name.  ucsf is on the list for sure (ive already talked to them)... IMRT apparently works the best for salvage

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I am sorry for the news. I had SRT in 2006 with no big problems (up to date) apart from the loos of sensation (4 out of 10 scale) when passing stool. Your procurement should include the best facilities you can find not just a good radiologist. Better equipments lesser complications. You did not share your present status so I wouldn't comment further but one can expect better outcomes if the RT field is planned with basis on image study of higher standards.

Best wishes for the treatment.


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Thanks for the feedback.  Any details you can provide will be appreciated as to equipment etc....I've resigned to having srt done "locally" so it will be a center affiliated with UC David.

 In the last 8 months I've bounced between .2 to .5 .  I had surgery March 2010 with no readings for 18 months.  The biggest challenge right now is getting my insurance provider to provide reasonable care and a qualified medical team that they have not to date since moving to CA from the East Coast about 14 months ago....its a tad destressing what blue cross anthem is doing at the moment so since they seem unable to provide or understand reasonable care I will help them....I'm going through the "escalation" period... Again, any insight is appreciated...cheers

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