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Tomorrow is Round 4 Folfox

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I report to the torture chamber (infusion lab) tomorrow at 9:00 AM.  My white blood count was very low today so not certain what the plan is for tomorrow.  I'm still not feeling the best but had a great weekend watching my grandchildren playing in the ocean.  It's summertime so we normally have all the grandkids.  They are such a huge help.  Their energy is catchy.  I find myself living through their eyes and it makes me stronger.  TruBrit I'll be checking in during the day tomorrow to get your good news!  Good vibes and prayers for everyone!  Moving forward... it was just yesterday that it was 1 of 12.


Thanks everyone,



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I hated it when my treatment was cancelled, it just put everything back.   I hope everything goes well for you.

We're heading out for the big city. Its a 1 1/2 hour drive up there, so an early start is good. Still cool at least (It was 102 yesterday) is good. I'll be reporting in when I get back. 

Thank you for thinking of me, Yolanda.

Chin up, and tally ho!


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Yolanda - I hope things go well and your counts aren't too low.  If they are and they postpone things, instead of lamenting the delay think of all the things you can do with an extra week of feeling pretty good!  When in treatment, I always tried to do things on my off week when I felt better.  It gave me something to look forward to.  Keep playing with those grandkids, they'll keep ya going!  Traci

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They decided to go forward with round 4. Almost done with the infusion center portion!  Ready to put this behind me. 

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