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How to stay positive while waiting for test result?

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Probably is the hardest part of the diagnose is waiting for the test result, how do you guys stay positive or focus on other thing while waiting for the test result? All I can think of is don’t search online if you haven’t been diagnosed yet, it’s kind of too much at this stage, but how to build additional information?

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the wait is the hardest part with this whole journey. I try my hardest to keep my mind busy.  I kept working, added in more tutoring times, became assistant sponsor to Mu Alpha Theta.  As long as my mind & I were busy, I didn't have time to think about the what ifs.  

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Most of the time, I knew that I had to wait for at least 24 hours.  So I would not think about it until I was driving and almost at the hospital the next day.  I would pick up a copy of the results at the hospital medical records department.  I would take the envelope and then read the results in my car.

I have the patient portals to see the results now online.  I can review my blood results and test results.  I still have to wait 24 hours before they are posted.  If I really want to know I can call the cancer center and ask them to read the result.  However, I rather see the whole report.

Hope this helps.


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I am with you about searching online.  Back when I was first diagnosed, in 1987, there was no online.  However, I picked up my nursing texts and that was enough to scare the crap out of me and promptly close them.  Waiting is just a bi&*h! There is just no other way to describe it!  I wish I had words of wisdom, but, other than trying to put it out of my mind until I think the results should be back, I have no great advice.  A friend of mine at work said (and I quote), "Don't go borrowin' no trouble girl!"  I try and remember her advice.  Good luck and keep us posted!

New Flower
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I do not schedule any tests on Fridays. I did it once and could not get results until Monday afternoon. Since that one episode I always schedule on  other days. Biopcy is a different story because it takes more than 48 hours. 

Please keep yourself occupied, however it is easy to say than actually do. please call your doctor office on Monday

good luck

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When is your appointment to find out your test results? Did you have a lumpectomy? When was your biopsy done? Have the doctors told you anything yet?

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and then the wait makes it even harder. I too get the results online. With some scans, even that was hard because then I had to wait to see what changes were going to be to treatment. There is nothing easy about this journey. It is hard to stay off the internet, but the info is based on statistics and thankfully statictics are just a number, and we are each full of variables. So just take what you read as an education and remember most of it does not pertain to each person!

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I  appreciate this comment. You can run yourself ragged.  I have my first appointment today as I have been diagnosed with Invasive Mamm Carcinoma and high grade DCIS in situ.  All I know it two years ago when this was a suspician my two core biospies were benign. Two years later I have this new diagnosis. I know what invasive means but I am not sure yet if it has travelled outside my left breast. I have no signs of swollen lymph nodes. SCARED but staying as calm as I can. I am trying to avoid vertigo from the stress.

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