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PSA 11.7 ???? What should I Do ?? Please help

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I was treated for Prostate Cancer in 1996 PSA was 28.8 when discovered.

Had Radation and Lupron/Casadex Treatment

PSA was o-1 until discovered rise on 10/17/2011

I have had a Rising PSA for 3 years now

PSA on 10/17/2011  7.1 Went to Duke and had Bone scan and CAT scans. No Cancer found outside of Prostate

PSA on 9/10/13   7.82

PSA on 5/12/14  11.7


Doctor I now have has not suggested any treatmen, Watch and Wait ???

At what point do I stop watching and waiting? When the Cancer appears elsewhere ? Isn't that too late ?

PS Turn 75 on 10/10/2014

Open for suggestions, Dr not much help

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Hi Joybird.
Sorry to hear about your situation!
My wife and I were just discussing your post; wondering if restarting horme therapy is a possibility for you.
I'm not at the point you are.  I was diagnosed at about the same age as you, it looks like.I had IMRT radiation and Lupron/Degarelix treatments five years ago.  My PSA bas been  0.1 - 0.2 since.
I am wondering if you should go back on the Lupron, etc.  Has your doctor suggested this?  (This is the plan if my PSA starts rising significantly ).
Of course, is going to a different doctor a possibility for you?
Glad to see that the scans showed no spread of the PCa.
Fingers crossed for you - I wish I had something more here.
Maybe someone on this site will have something.  Good luck!  Please post whatever info you can.

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I guess i should tell my whole story

I have one lung , lost the right one in 1995 Cancer.

I have Heart Failure, had 5 stents put in . Still have one partial blockage behind heart, they cannot reach with stent.

Have COPD on Oxygen 24/ 4 @ 4ml


I cannot have major surgery , they are afraid my lone lung will not reinflate.


I THINK all my Doctors are wondering what is keeping me alive as it is.

The Prostate Cancer bothers me  why can't we do something.


I could start Hormone  now , BUT you know the side effects, one being depression.

It is a chore to keep going now as it is.


I am finding it hard to do nothing about the Prostate cancer, but looks like nothing else to use at this point


It is becoming very easy to just give up, NOTHING positive here.


Bob T



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Bob T

I am sorry about your health status. Probably your doctor is keeping you away from treatments and drugs because of your other experiences. In any case, he may also be waiting for more PSA results to get due diagnosis of recurrence. The increase of PSA could be related to inflammation. You still got your prostate in place with benign cells producing PSA, and these produce more of the staff if infected.

Surely this is all guessing but they are valid possibilities so that your doctor wants to give time to get a better picture of the problem.

Meanwhile you could get a second opinion from another specialist or read about the interaction of hormonal drugs with the medications you are taking for your other illnesses. The lipids should check for the presence of diabetes or other heart related problems because some HT drugs are prohibitive to certain patients.


Depression is not common but exists as one of the side effects from HT (ADT). The typical risky ones include:
- Thin or brittle bones (osteoporosis).
- Increased body mass and higher levels of fats in the blood.
- Reduced muscle mass.
- Low red blood cell count (anemia) and fatigue
-  Increased risk for diabetes and heart disease.

Other side effects may include hot flashes, erection problems and reduced sex drive, breast enlargement, and cognitive impairment. Some men may experience depression.

Diet and physical exercises are important in the control of the cancer and to counter the effects from the treatment. At your age you may try a fitness program good for your status and change diets. Here is a link that may be of interest to you;

In this video a famous medical oncologist specialized in the treatment of Prostate cancer speacks about the problems of HT and Heart health;



Best wishes and luck in your journey.


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