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Pain management with mets

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Due to cronic back pain my husband for years has taken pain meds for that condition, recently the pain meds has not been working, long story short, mets from prostate cancer suspected, need biopsy and probably radiation, meantime what is a good pain med for the mets pain, hydrocodone is not working, we live in a small town, no specialist to attend to him and watching him in pain day after day is just too much.



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This site has a very compreensive guide for pain control. Some patients have reported pain relief doing acuputure, some others reported about the benefit with marijuana. Here is the link;


Doctors treat pain in advanced cases of prostate cancer with spot radiation. There is also medications to treat cancer metastases in bone and at the same time

provide pain relief, such as Xgeva;



Best wishes for improvement.





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Thank you so much for the links and the best wishes.

I used to visit this site often some years ago, but the breast cancer discussions boards, never really navigated away from there.

Again Thanks


Edited to add: the urologist cannot see him until end of July, and that is a long time to wait in pain.

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