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Scan Tomorrow - Very Nervous

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I have a CT scan tomorrow to look for any signs of recurrence.  This will be my first scan following chemotherapy, and I admit I'm pretty darn scared.  I should get the results on Thursday (oh boy did I learn my lesson about scheduling that followup appointment several days later!  Never again!).  Hugs, prayers, and good thoughts would be very much appreciated.  

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Hugs and prayers going your way.  Wishing you the best.

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Just say the word (NED) and I'll be on here with my little Man. 

Prayers that you can survive these next few days and find peace and calm within.

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I hope everything comes back clear! 


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I just call and tell them I want it on the phone.  I can't do the waiting thing.  Mine come in tomorrow.  NED all around!

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Prayers for good results.  


Cathleen Mary
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Wishes and prayers for all awaiting results. May NED be the sweet words you hear. Holdingl our collective breath....


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Your scan is today!  I thought it was tomorrow.  I'm chanting NEDDDDD  right now.  I do that for a full 10 mins while I meditate.  Sending good vibes into the atmosphere!

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