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I was recently referred for urgent endoscopy following chest painand pain between my shoulder blades and feeling a lump after eating as though food was trying to come back up - the endoscope revealed irregularity where the esophagus meets the stomach aparently it should be round and smooth awmd mine was a bit jagged ane irregular in shape -the waiting for results is agony does anyone recognise this as cancer or has anyone had similar findings on endoscopy awmd it has been cancer ?

Many thanks

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Waiting for biopsy results can certainly be nerve racking. When I was diagnosed with esophageal cancer my GI doctor initially said he saw a lot of irritation but nothing that looked specifically like cancer, but he took some biopsies “just to be safe”. I am glad he did because they came back positive for adenocarcinoma of the gastric esophageal junction. If there is any good news it is that if your doctor could not see an obvious tumor, if it is cancer, it is possibly in the very early stages and can be more easily treated.

My initial symptoms were similar to yours, I had frequent acid indigestion, a feeling of something getting stuck from time to time, and pain right below my breast bone.

Once my biopsy results came back they very quickly got me to an oncologist for blood tests, additional scans for staging, and on to a treatment plan.

I am currently through treatment and doing well again. As frightening as cancer can be, you will find people here who have been through treatment and continue to survive.

Wishing the best news for you.

Best Regards,

Paul Adams

McCormick, South Carolina

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Hi, thanks for your positive comments it has reasurred me a little. Wishing you well for the future

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good luck hope it  was caught in early stage 


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