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back again

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Hi, I posted here many times about 2 1/2 years ago about my dad. sadly he passed away 2 years ago from metastatic colon cancer.  I now have a new struggle with my best friend who is 44 who just found out he has 2 primary cancers.  first one is adenocarcinoma invasive of the colon and malt lymphoma originating in the colon.  i really never heard of 2 primary cancers before.  his lymphoma is a flat lesion in his colon.  not sure if anyone here ever heard of any of this.  he is now going to first treat colon cancer with surgery since polyp was removed.  nobody sure if chemo depending on how far cancer went to mucosa.  any advice would be greatly appreciated.

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I am very sorry to hear that your father passed away. 

I can no add any advice about the malt lymphoma, and I see you have already posted on the other thread so I won't send you there.

Two primary tumours is so very unfortunate. It is all so unfortunate. 

I pray that your friend gets treated and on the path to good health. Keep us posted. 

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Hi Tammy,

I am so very sorry to hear about your dad.  May he rest in peace.

I am 43, and have also been diagnosed with invasive adenocarcinoma as of last week. Sorry, don't know what malt lymphoma is, but Id think two primary are better rather than mets?  I don't mean to lessen the news, as any cancer news are just dreadful.

I was told by my GI (in a rather cold, robotic way) that due to the nature of the tumor (invasive agressive, and infiltrating glands? if you see my post from last week, I have more questions than answers), I had to have a resection of the sigmoid colon.  In talking with other doctors/friends, I'm told a CT scan should be done first in order to find out how invasive it was.  The resection has to happen due to the proximity to the glands, etc.  But how much, and how far along was it is the question. 

I haven't heard back from the oncologist yet, as they are studying lab reports, etc.  Once they call me, i hope I'll have a better idea (CT scan, chemo, radiation? or maybe just a resection.  I've also been told a CEA count would be good, but in reading posts here, a CEA may not be useful or even accurate.

Keep us posted.  Or write just to vent.  We are here together in this.



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my friend did have a ct scan another colonoscopy and a pet scan.  his cea was 1.1  next monday he is scheduled for surgery of his sigmoid colon also.  Dr. wants to remove only what he feels he needs to.  The dr. has positive feedback.  He prob will have to do chemo afterwards.  then he has to be very proactive in his follow up care in the future.  Always request xrays and ct scans and when allowed a pet scan.  A cea will show if there is activity.  (i think that) just from seeing my dads.  He was not very active in his followup and that i feel was the problem.  

I wish you all positive thoughts.  Please keep me posted.\

Louann :)

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