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Blue Berries, Popcorn, Baking Soda - My Rant

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Blue Berries, Popcorn, and Baking Soda – My rant


My neighbor is convinced that he is going to find the cure for cancer. He believes that all cancers must have a common link, and that by reading enough junk science nutrition books, he will find the answer.


My response: GRRRRRR!


He has taken an essential oils class, given by a local Shaman. Muhahahahaaaa (My attempt at an evil scientist response.) The lady he is taking the class from is a mid 60's Caucasian hippie type that sells over priced herbs in very small quantities. That must give her all of the qualifications to treat every disease on earth. She has recipes to cure every thing with essential oils. At the very best she creates a lot of good smells. (She does do that well.)


My neighbor and friend really verbally attacked me on how I need to be open minded on how these concoctions can really help me. (Now you have to stay with me here.) He has a book that tells about the various frequencies of the plants and how made into essential oils changes those plant frequencies to be beneficial for healing cancer. (What, What, What????) He told me this was the most intelligent thing he has read in his life. (He must not read the daily Garfield in the paper.) I asked how would one measure the frequency of a plant? Luckily the book has a chapter on that. The author measured the plants frequency with an oscilloscope. I told him being an Audio Engineer I have an $8K version of one in my shop. If he could measure a frequency of a plant leaf I would give him a $100. (I can measure down to .000000001 of a second. (1 Billionth of a second) We should be able to see something.) The usual response of foul berating came. If you do not believe in science from people outside the establishment..... OK, Tiger the reason they are outside of the establishment is because none of this makes any sense! Zero! The reason this author can not explain his results is that he was never able to achieve any of his measurements.


Whew, we switched subject. Now he is showing me a book on foods that defeat cancer. If you just ate Blue Berries, Popcorn, and Baking Soda.......


GRRRRRRRRR I told him I will talk to him in a few days.


Do people really think they are being helpful?

We did not tell family and only three friends that I had cancer for the first 3 1/2 years of my treatment. We had heard from to many of them when someone else got diagnosed with cancer, how God must be punishing them. The evil thoughts that came out of their mouths about a friend or relative that was suffering from cancer was shocking.


We finally could not hide my disease any more. It is difficult to explain why I am in the hospital for two weeks at a time. Why we are avoiding picnics and family dinners.


We also told everyone with 100% understanding if we ever here God is punishing us or that I deserved to get cancer, we would 100% not ever speak with you again. These terms are 100% non negotiable. We also told the family we were no longer financially supporting any one. If they needed emotional support great, money no more. All of this worked! We are invited to family gatherings and felt welcomed. My sister's youngest son just got married. We traveled across the country and got asked to run a lot of errands for the wedding. We did all that was needed. My sister thanked us in front of both families for getting the jobs done that no one else wanted to do. (We basically drove all over Houston to pick things up. I arranged those trips to see friends from High School and College and had lunch with friends.) After the wedding I even put in a new electrical panel at my sister's house. They saved a fortune, and we had a nice BBQ that Laurie fixed after the job was done. We told them, it is not that we do not want to help when we can. It is that we can no longer be responsible for any one else's expenses. A day of labor when I am retired is not an expense.


We did have the one relative whom asked if I would rewire their home, and install a new electrical panel for them. After I had a hardy laugh, I said not a chance. (I am supposed to pay for a plane trip, three weeks of hotel room, and rent a car to save them money????? Is this family that loves me or what!) The expense of a cross country plane trip to evaluate their house, then 3 weeks to supervise workers, if I could find competent workers locally in a rush for time. Plus, I need to be getting Chemo every two weeks. To many expenses and variables to even think about it. I did give them a ball park price for the size of their house and type of construction for what costs to expect. If someone came in these numbers, probably an honest guy. If they were much higher, probably you should shop around.

Dodged a bullet. lol


Sometimes I do wonder what relationships are worth keeping. We all need to be surrounded by people whom care, empathize, and support us. We all need emotional well being. We all need to be around people that can make us laugh and hug us when we cry. It does seem like believing in mankind should be easier. Instead we have to watch out for the parasites that are looking for the easy score.


My Rant is over. Hopefully I got some laughs and made a few points.


Best Always, mike



PS No Blue Berries, Popcorn or Baking Soda was hurt during this rant.

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This is really funny - you nailed it on the kooky diet advice. I had to laugh as I've had similar experiences - I thank people politely for the wacky health tips, which for the most part I just dismiss, and try not to hurt their feelings when they follow up with me to ask how the blueberry, popcorn and baking soda smoothies are helping me lately...

re: the family politics. Ouch.  congrats on getting most of them to a point of understanding about your situation.

- Karin

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That is quite the rant. Much needed, I'm sure.

Sometimes we can just roll with the punches, other times, we just have to punch back. I am glad that you can come here and rant. 

Really, some people have no idea what cancer is and what it does. They hear the word cacner and allot of people think death, nausea and fatigue. I know we all handle our cancer differently, and that is what life is all about, but for me, I tell people everything. I want to educate people, so that they can understand that its not all about waiting to die or feeling sick. 

One of the biggest things I have run in to, which really unsetlles me, is people asking my husband how I am. Its like, HELLO, I CAN STILL TALK. 'How is Sue?' Well, if you phoned her up or went to visit, she could tell you. 

There, I've had a rant too. 

And I've had the Essential Oil talk. I actually love Essential Oils, I think aroma is a great stress reliever. I can lay in a bath with lavender, listen to my Deep Theta CD and feel my worries slip away, but healing cancer, well thats a stretch.

Your posts are always informative to me. Thank you!

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I run into the same problem - my husband who is sick, his family will call him up, or text him or when they see him, ask him how he is doing.  Then they turn around and say to me out of his ear shot - how is he REALLY doing? My husband has been sick for 6 years, the first year i would tell him he is fine, he is doing well. The second year, i mentioned it to him that they ask me right after they ask him; we decided to come up with a generic answer, he is doing fine, still having ups and downs, but dealing with it. we have been doing that for 5 years now; and when something happens that he doesn't want everyone to know, he will say to me, ok, so here is what we say this time. i like it, because it has taken the burden off of me and i don't contradict my husband. Now we are in our 6th year of fighting this horrible disease and the doctor have said there is no more they can do, go home and be with your family and enjoy time with them. now suddenly, everyone is calling him, texting him and saying - how did this happen, i thought you were doing fine? you know what, he was doing fine, then the chemo stopped working, there is no more chemo for him, what did you think was going to happen? the tumors were just going to stop growning because there was nothing to fight them with? um no, it doesn't work that way. he put up a damn good fight, now we wait and hope a miracle happens! i have to believe we will find one, it's the only way i can get through this.



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I'd keep the popcorn and blueberries and lose the friends and family :).   People are funny.  On a side note about oils...peppermint oil really does repel mice.  We got them last spring and again now....ewwwww.  I read that peppermint oil and /or bounce sheets will scare them away.  I did both...it worked.  Unfortunately the smell gives me asthma attacks.

Sue...as the spouse I get annoyed with people ask how my husband is.   Go ask him and really we appreciate the concern but I'm so tired of the question.


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I totally agree with you.  People pushing "miracle" cures are kind of silly and uninformed, people who think someone is being punished when they get cancer are...well, indeed kind of evil, imo.  Are babies with cancer being punished for something?  That's a truly horrible and absurd idea.

And I think that for the sake of our precarious health, we do have to be thoughtful about who we choose to spend time with...some people are about as toxic as a batch of chemo drugs, but without the cancer-killing benefits.

On a side note, my stepmom is really into all the wacky cures, and when I was first dx'ed she mentioned this amazing thing she had read about.  I waited for her to tell me all about yak urine or something, and then she said the name of the miracle cure was...Avastin!  Which as we all know is not a miracle cure either, but better than yak pee.

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Oh man, just when my book was about to hit the shelves.  I'll give you the sneak peek. . . .To cure cancer.  Face north, put your right foot out, put your right foot in, put your right foot out and shake it all about.  Throw some popcorn at neighbor.  Now face south, put your left arm in put your left arm out, put your left arm in (just don't ever do this at a cancer center, they'll get you with a needle everytime) and shake it all about.  Throw some blueberries at your neighbor.  Face east, Right two, left two, right two hop hop hop.  Throw some baking soda at your neighbor.  Face west, Right two, left two, right two hop hop hop . . . . for only 99.99 you can have the last step that will heal you FOREVER!  Act fast, supplies are limited. 

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That is great, Helen. 

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Your friend/neighbor sounds a bit over absorbed in himself with qualifying knowledge in this area.  Anyone can read a book and interpret another way (look at the Bible and how many see and read that differently).  Don't be so astonished by his wanting to "cure" the world.  People have been doing this for years.  He might mean well, but sometimes that is the person you just want to say "I've got my own regime and thank you I'll find another".  I'm not one into hype and concoctions so just move on to another subject.  I've got a daughter that is all natural and no preservatives and I've told her many times to let me do what is good for me.  She is even into the natural soap and hand lotion.  Not me.  Can't be that regimented.  Good luck with your neighbor Laughing



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Good rant. People can be so insensitive and stupid. I still get people telling me i should eat this or take these supplements still after nearly 9 years of fighting.

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I almost started a thread like this myself. Everyone has a cure. Those people obviously don't have stage 4 cancer. It's one thing to say all of that if you don't have it, and another to actually risk your own life by trusting some nonsense. Usually Ibrush it off as ppeople trying to help in their own way but I've gotten ANGRY a couple of times. Someone close to me told me that genetic cancer is a conspiracy and an excuse to be a victim. Well at 32 I was diagnosed with hnpcc. Genetic non polypsis colon cancer. Grandma and brother died of cancer. Mom had cancer. What a jerk! I decided to stay away from anyone who can't be supportive, compassionate, or at least halfway intelligent about it. And as far as bringing cancer on ourselves..omgosh...I don't think I or anyone else caused their own genes to mutate!! Ughhh! Now I'm ranting :-) :-) :-)

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Wow that's a new one, a genetic conspiracy! I guess he missed basic science classes as a kid.  My neighbor told me that I need to stop whining because any of us could die any minute. He could get hit by a bus tomorrow. I wanted to push him in front of a bus for saying that. People are so clueless.

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 I wanted to push him in front of a bus for saying that. 

Thank you for the giggle. I love a good laugh, and you just gave it to me.

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This was my response to my friend's last letter.  The "Cure" was tested on cows and not humans. 


If I have a sick cow I will keep this in mind.

The article said little to nothing about cancer. We appreciate that you care, but some sort of thought filter needs to be in place. 
There are many homeopathic treatments that make sense.  There are many more that do not. The Baking Soda cure, as an example is out right dangerous!  There are many of these cures that make little to no sense.  Many of the plant mixtures make no sense.  When the article is telling how the homeopath measured the frequency of the plant, the bullshit meter should be going loud and clear whooop whoooop whooop.  If something does not make sense, it is because they are trying to deceive people.   
60% of Cancer and many other chronic diseases die from malnutrition or dehydration.   Anything that helps people digest, absorb, or adds to hydration and nutrition makes sense!
35-40% of Cancer and many other chronic diseases die from pneumonia or viral diseases.  Anything that strengthens the immune system makes sense. There are many homeopathic treatments that help fight off colds, flus, etc...  There are many plants that help build the immunity towards disease.
If you want to argue that BioTech companies have not been good technicians towards solving medical problems, I will agree with you.  I have spurred a study being done at UCLA by asking questions and telling them this does not make sense. (I questioned UCLA's study that IBS is a disease. It is definitely a symptom of one of several diseases.  After hearing my point they adjusted their study.  L Kudrow  MD, Prof EM UCLA.)  So, does the BioTech and Medical society need input from other minds, obviously, YES!  
There are still rules of chemistry and physics that need to be followed.  When a "study" talks about fat cells polarity changes when one eats a certain plant.  That makes zero sense at all! NONE!  The polarity of the molecule was decided when it was formed.  One can affect the valance electron to make a chemical bond to another molecule.  (The concept behind anti-oxidents.)  When the article is trying to sell me some expensive machine, I also shake my head in wonder. Many of these machines can not do what they propose to do.  RIFE, Water Purifiers, Ion Water, Metalic Waters, etc...  RIFE machines for an example say they emit an RF field from 20hz to 2mghz.  The antenna to make an rf field in the 20 hz range would be miles long at the shortest!  So, with a basic knowledge of chemistry and Physics it is obvious that a RIFE machine is not doing what they propose it is doing. Since it is not doing what they say it is doing, then what is it doing?  Is that necessarily good for you?  Why is a simple transmitter more then a couple hundred of dollars? etc...
Have Fun!  mike
I received a positive response from my friend.  He said he will use his "Filter" from now on before sending me articles.  Wooo hooo!
We all face this battle with some people being helpful and some being negative. We did not tell anyone about my cancer for 3 years.  We had family say mean things about others.  When my cancer got bad enough that I could not hide it any more.  (Why is Mike in the hospital all the time? etc...)  We told all family and friends that if they were not going to be supportive and positive to lose our address  and phone number.  We only want positve people around us.  On the most part our friends rallied around us!  Several of my clients even called me to support me. Over all we have a great support team and are greatful to many that have helped us. One client picked up our expenses at a hotel for medical tests. A friend paid for Laurie's hotel during my last surgery!  We did not know those events were going to happen, it just a blessing and one less stress off of our minds.
Thank You all for your responses!  I am glad that I can still make some people laugh.  We have a difficult enough journey, that we need to be able to laugh.
Best Always,  mike 
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Not only did you make me laugh, you gave some great info. I am having problems with dehydration from my ostomy. I am going to do better with hydration in general now.

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Darn.  I'm crushed that this advice doesn't work.  Popcorn and blueberries have been an integral part of my diet since I was a youngin.  Apparently, mine are defective.

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Hey watched a video where they did  use baking soda to cure cancer. The video was posted several days ago by mr. It was informative, your friend may like it.  :) 

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If you watched the set of videos.  They were constantly advertising all of the products that are expensive and do nothing for people's health.  Having interviews in front of Water ionizers, in front of expensive supplement compnies , etc....  Most of the interviews also said nothing about health, they did not talk about their study, etc...  There were a few exceptions and a couple of the interviews gave good infromation.


The Baking Soda cure was for a specific Stomach Cancer and a very small group.  It has never been recreated.


We all need to ask questions to those whom are willing to take our money with the promiss of hope.


Best Always,  mike

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