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Results from the meeting with the oncologist

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I have been diagnosed with Stage 4 Metastatic Breast Cancer.  The cancer is in my liver and there are 2 spots on my spine.  They have schudeled surgery to insert the port a cath on tomorrow and I am having a bone scan test weds afternoon.  I cant remember the name of the chemo drugs but I will be going for 4 months with 2 weeks on and 1 week off and then after chemo is finished they will do another liver test to check the lesions.  I am scared to death for myself and for my kids.  I am trying very hard to stay positive.  I have a wonderful support system and I have a lot of people praying for me.  I will ask for your continued prayers and good thoughts and I promise to keep you updated with everything that is going on.  Your advice and kind words mean alot to me and I am so glad that I found this group.


Hugs to all



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I can only imagine what you are going through-I never had chemo, port etc. (sugery and radiation myself)

Sending good thoughts and pixie dust your way. I"ll check back for an update!



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Glad they are moving fast. Chemo took care of the oesions on my liver. When I was diagnosed, the tumors were already throughout my bones, so I knew that a remission in the bone tumors would have been nothing short of miraculous!
But when the liver lesions showed up, I was really scared. They changed my chemo and 3 months later my liver was clear again. So chemo was very effective for me in that respect!

Will conti ue to pray for you as well.

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I agree with Carol, I'm glad that they are moving fast. I hope that the chemo kills all of those nasty cells and makes the liver lesions disappear. Its understandable to be scared for yourself and your family. Keep good care of yourself and post when you can. Love Surf

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