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Defective Silicone Implant

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Really?  Yes!  I just had a silicone implant replaced two weeks ago today.  

Because it looked so "weird" (my surgeon had never seen anything like this in the ten+ yrs he's been performing amazing reconstructive surgery), he had the Sales Rep from the silicone implant manufacturer actually in the Operating Room with us during the replacement.  The implant has been sent back to the manufacturer for their analysis, but the RN I saw today in my surgeon's office for my post-op told me, "Oh, yes.  the company has already said they'll Comp the Implant."  Huh.  Well, good, but I just went through an unnecessary surgery, complete with three days off work to recuperate, all of those medical costs (hospital, surgeon, anesthesiolologists, OR, RR, drugs, bandages, PTO days "wasted", $6000 Out of Pocket Max for insurance), pain, suffering and mental turmoil.  Does a "Comped" (refund on cost of implant) really cover all that for me???

i didn't see my Surgeon today, but will in three weeks, when I can discuss this with him, as the RN & the Receptionist so sweetly put it, when I just as sweetly had mentioned that the defective implant had just cost me $6000 in OOP Max for the year with my insurance company.

i am not a litigious person.  Far, far from it.  It was NOT my Surgeon's error, nor any fault of my own.  I'm just wondering how far I will have to go with this to really recoup everything this surgery just cost me, in terms of time, money, time lost from work, recuperation, etc...

Any thoughts?  Help?  Recommendations?

Thank you!



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