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NED which is good....too busy to be sick...

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I got the results from my most recent scans.  Once again, they were NED.  I expected that, but it is good to hear it.  I am now dealing with all the non-cancer things wrong with the body.  And the preventive stuff I ignored while dealing with the 800 lb gorillia of metastatic sRCC.  But, the met was solitary.


Some of the other things are a real pain in the ***, I hear. 


The funny thing is, I get myself so mentally prepared for bad news (planning what will happen next, etc), that at times, I am almost disapointed (not the right work).  


Anyway, next scans in August. 



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Good to hear DHS, NED is always news to be relished, it keeps all the other aches and pains in perspective. Have a good summer:)

Djinnie x

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I am 50....which means I have to work.  But, I love what I do (I am a reseach scientist working in the field of my Doctorate).  And, we just got a new and big project going.  There is a lot of things to do.  I am too busy to be sick -- too much going on. 

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Good Morning!

Congratulations on the good report!!  You are so right that we expect good news, but don't relax until we hear the doctor say it.  You go in 'hoping' for the best, but at the same time preparing for bad news.  What a roller coaster ride this disease is!!  You have such a positive outlook and it sounds as if you are happy with your career....so, celebrate and enjoy this news then forge on.


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to move on dhs. I'm glad work is challenging.

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Congratulations, DHS! So happy to hear that!

Hugs and SMILES,


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Continued good health. 


God Bless [ us all ]!!! :)



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At least your jersey is the right color, even it it's not for the Cubs...my son's favorite team.

And I agree.  We never have time to be ill.  Keep up the good reports.


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