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my husband had his 3 month scans this morning; the doctor's office called to let us know that they look good.

slightly elevated creatinine (probably the coffee he drank just before) but other than that (1.3 to 1.5), no evidence of disease.

the appointment is on Thursday but the news was good; now, we can leave for Hawaii on the 27th.


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I wish my creatinine was that good. Up to 1.5 is considered normal, so I'd say that's really good. Ever since my nephrectomy I've been 1.6-1.8.

Have a good time and enjoy Hawaii!



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thank you, Todd, it feels like a weight has been lifted, a 3-month reprieve from worry and it will be wonderful to have a carefree vacation.

As the 1st anniversary of diagnosis approaches and the awful prognosis the first doc gave him the day before a long holiday weekend, there is so much gratitude and feelings of being blessed.

last month, an old colleague of mine passed away paralyzed from multiple myeloma and I think that had been with me as we approached these scans.

we will enjoy this summer! Hope your trip to Oklahoma wasn't too hot and that you missed the earthquakes. 


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Hawaii is a very romantic way to celebrate. Having a purpose makes getting better easier.

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Wonderful news!  

Now - aloha to you both.

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Good Morning!

So happy for you.  Enjoy your trip!!

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