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Pet scan

Pet scan Monday was good, oncologist was pleased. Though I am grateful for this & the excellent care I had to get me here, I feel so horrible that others, esp my good friend Kitty (Ronmybaby) did not. It's just not fair. She should still be here, 56 yrs old is too young. 


  • ccfighter
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    I am so happy to hear your

    I am so happy to hear your good news.  Stay healthy, enjoy your life.    I know survivors guilt, and how strange and unfair things can seem.  I don't have the answers, nobody does.  But I would like to believe that Kitty is in a wonderful place and wanting you to enjoy your happy news and good health.  You do deserve it.  Hugs.

  • NoTimeForCancer
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    I am happy for your good

    I am happy for your good news!  I understand the sadness and unfairness of it all.  I don't think it is very fair either and wish the brains could find a way to cure to this terrible disease.  Maybe you can find a way to honor your friend.  A tree in her honor?  Something you could wear so when people ask you about it you can talk about Kitty and sweetness?