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Everolimus update

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Hi all

haven't posted for a while. Further CT last week (4weeks after previous one) again showed some small increase in size of most mets (pancreas, spleen, liver) which would normally mean that I would be booted from the Meteor trial but there is a component which allows study doctor to make a call to continue on drug if felt that it would beneficial. Decision has been made to continue whilst further investigations into other trials are made. Onc wants to give Sutent a try if next CT shows further progression. Axitinib also an option but comes at a huge financial cost.

I feel that I may never catch a break! Whilst is great to hear about so many who have recently had good scan results I can't help but feel it must be my turn after such a sh****y last 3 years. please forgive my self pity, it is coming up to the 3rd anniversary of both my husband's and fathers's deaths on the 14th.

Best wishes






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Everyone sympathizes with you. If that is the right word. You have had a bad streak of luck. But I also see that there are still options and opportunities. Our collective strength is with you.

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Sue.  I am very sorry to hear about this latest news.  Please suggest to your doctor that he try to focus on immune-therapy clinical trials for your next move.  These are the only ones that offer the promise of a long term response and even remission (albeti for a small percentage of patients so far).

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My onc (female) made a couple if calls while I was with her on Tuesday to try and locate any trials - only possible one at the moment is I believe a phase 1 met inhibitor (??) she is now waiting to hear back from the head of medical oncology at another major Sydney cancer centre. Trials here in Australia are VERY limited.


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Oh my Sue.. you sure have had a lot going on... not fair at all...  Hope somehow things improve..  sending prayers your way...


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