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New here...but current survivor...

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Hi all:

I'm a sinus cancer survivor. Out of treatment now for almost 7 years with no recurrences.

About 6 weeks ago I went to my ENT for a persistent cough and wheezing. He sent me to a pulmonologist who ordered an immediate CT scan (no contrast). The CT came back with a diagnosis of a partially calcified lesion in the left main bronchus also containing fat attenuation. He labeled it a "hamartoma" which is generally a benign growth.

Considering my history, and to gain greater insight, the pulmonologist then ordered a PET/CT. On that scan, the lesion lit up so now there was a concern for malignancy. There were no other abnormal findings.

I've already spoken to one surgeon at Sloan-Kettering here in NYC. Since there is still some question, he gave me three scenarios:

Plan A - growth is benign and is removed thru rigid bronchoscope

Plan B - growth is benign but bronchoscope too risky so will resection the bronchus

Plan C - growth is malignant and they remove a section of the bronchus along with the lower left lobe of my lung.

I have a 2nd consult with a different surgeon today.

Obviously nothing will be confrmed until biopsy. But considering my history, sinus cancer has been found to metastasize to the lungs. Yet there are still some open questions.

I don't ask for odds or diagnosis. But since I'm new to this area of oncology, i was hoping the good folks here might be able to provide me some insight.

All help, insight, and guidance is welcome!


- Jeff

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Hi Jeff!  Welcome.  

You are probably aware that without a biopsy they won't know if it is metastices or a new primary - or benign.  If they do a resection, ask them to test the cancers for mutations.  All chemo decisions will be based on the type of cancer.  If it is a new lung primary treatment decisions will be based on the type of cancer and presence or lack of a useful mutation will also affect treatment decisions.   How large is the mass?

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Humm um was just wondering is there a difference between calcified nodule or scar tissue?

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Re: just wondering. 

yhere is a difference but I don't understand the full extent.   A majority of calcifications are benign. 

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