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Things are much better now

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jim and i
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Jim is much better but on a lot of pain medicine. He wants to come home but they feel he is not ready. He is so weak I am not sure I can help him in and out of bed. He wanted to turn on his side this afternoon and I couldn't turn him, had to get the nurses to do it. His digestion has slowed way down which is not good. I think the thing that bothers him most is that he is unable to do anything. He was that way at home too, very frustrated because I had to help him do everything. Now he is frustrated because the nurses have to help him. I am at a loss as to how to make him happy. I am able to spend the night so I told him I would stay tomorrow night. They also allow pets so I am taking Tebow to see him again this weekend. Please keep us in your prayers.





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Jan Trinks
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So glad things are much better now.  What a difference a day makes, huh?  So glad you're able to spend the night if you want to and I think it's just wonderful Tebow can go see Daddy!  Am leaving for NC on Sat. and won't be able to check in everday but will have access to a computer so hopefully I'll get to check in at least every other day.  But y'all are in my prayers without ceasing and my bible study group at church is praying for y'all too!  And Chargee and Sammy are saying their little doggie prayers along with Tebow.  (Can you tell my "boys" are spoiled rotten?)  Take care and God Bless!


Jan (Basketcase)

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jim and i
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Thanks Jan. Have a safe trip and God Bless


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I think of you and Jim often.

Best always,


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Hey Debbie,

I'm glad to hear that Jim is doing better, although he has to be on the pain meds, and his functioning is so limited.  It is a very difficult and frustrating situation for both of you, but you are doing the best that is possible in your situation.  Jim's furstration is understandable, but no doubt what makes him most happy is having you there with and for him, along with Tbow when he drops in with you.  Here's sending you positive thoughts and energies to keep you and Jim going.


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debbie, as always, you are both in my daily prayers.  take care and know we are here with you.

God bless you,


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I am glad that things are getting a bit better for you and Jim.  When my mother had surgery and was diagnosed with cancer, she needed to go to a rehab.  My sister was with her every day and I went on the weekends.  Each week my sister asked my mom as she wrote the check, are you sure that you want to be here, mom said yes--just don't make her go to that room (recreation room, social hall ).  We were so comfortable with the facility and the care.  Mom didn't want to go home until she could get out of bed and walk to the bathroom by herself.  It never happened.  She was admitted to the hospital and hospice was at the hospital.  Her cancer was fast and furious.  Luckily she was not in major pain.  Doggie visitors did come but mom was so afraid of dogs we asked that they not come into her room.  My sister and I seemed to know it was the last night and we both stayed with her.  She passed that night.

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jim and i
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So sorry to hear of your mothers passing. I wish Jim was that understanding about care in the facility. They did say today that he can come home Sunday.


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That is fantastic news. Having Jim back home so soon is just wonderful to hear. It was terrible to have him leave home but you both are better off by giving him some time with 24xs7 medical care. So glad to hear! Don

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Thats what the pain meds are for. I am glad Jim is comfortable. A visit from Tebow will certainly make his day.

You and Jim are in my prayers.


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