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Nervously I await surgery at 0830 tuesday.   Can anyone give me a ball park figure as to how long I will be out?   Dr. says surgery should be 3 hours or longer (Da Vinci).   Thank you and would appreciate prayers

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That's about how long my robot assisted partial nephrectomy took. The total time is a bit longer for the robot assisted laproscopy than without it as it takes a bit more time to get the robot ready. Not that it matters, I literally didn't even remember being put to sleep. I was in the pre-op room, was given a muscle relaxant, then talked to the surgeon for a bit and then the next thing I know I'm waking up in my room after the surgery.

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I remember waking up very groggy late that afternoon. It got harder when the pain medication first wore off. Each of us has their own story to tell. and I am sure they run the gamit.



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All the best with your surgery tomorrow, I had a partial around this time last year using Da Vinci. I was out for just under 4 hours, but time is irrelevant when you are asleep. You will do fine, you will be given something to make you relax after which you will be gung ho. When you come around you will be on pain meds so you will remain pretty sleepy for the rest of the day. 

All the best try not to stress too much:)

Djinnie x

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I was joking with the Dr, with Sinefeld references (junior mints) at 12:03 PM.  The next thing I knew someone was telling me That I am in Fairfax Hospital, and I had surgery.  And it was abut 4:00 (I asked what time it was.

Recovery was a bear.  I got to my room, and was too tired to watch my beloved Washington Nationals, so I tried listening to it on my iPad.  Then I posted something incoprehensible to Facebook.  It was hard.  I envy those that were home the next day....I was in for four days (was running a fever).   It was 9 weeks till I was back at work, but I was an anomoly (infected wound), and 2 years later, there is still pain.

Good luck with the recovery...surgery will be easy for you.

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I have to agree with some of the posts on this thread. Everyone's experience is different, perhaps related to the surgeon performing the operation. I had a radical nephrectomy done by , according to Hopkins, one of the busiest robotic surgeons in the world. I was out about 4 hours , and thanks to pain meds I was virtually pain -free while in the hospital. I only spent 1 night in the hospital, went out to dinner with my wife 7 days later, and was able to represent a client in court 10 days later. I hope your experience will be more like mine than that of some of the others on this board. Best wishes for a successful surgery and a great recovery.

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I went into the OR at 7:00 and was knocked out shortly after and it was 2:30 when I opened my eyes in the recovery room and saw the clock.



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Hey Papa, you're gonna do just fine in surgery.  I don't remember if you'll be having a partial or a radical.  From what I understand, radical's make for a much smaller incision and faster, easier recovery. 

Mine was a radical, hand assisted surgery.  No robot.  Was out roughly 3 hours.  When I awoke in recovery, I was certain I'd had back surgery as the pain in my back was excruciating...to say the least.  My tummy however, didn't hurt at all.  My surgery was done late in the day on the 29th of May and I went home late morning on the 31st, just in time to make a mad dash to the storm cellar, out running all the tornadoes surrounding us. 

Try not to worry too much.  I found the whole expeirence to be much easier than I had imagined it would be.  I think you will to.

Lifting you in prayer!


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Well, you asked...  My surgery was 8.5 hours..!  But then I had Renal Vein invasion.  I went lights out around 10 AM and woke up the next morning at 2:30 AM.  I was in the ICU for 10 days, went home on day 12.   Now I am one of the "worst cases."  That said, I had good pain management and great "room service."  On day 1 I started to pass gas (this is important..!)  On day two I got out of bed and used a porta potty.  From then on, I walked every day, all wired up and hosed up..!  I joked and flirted with all the Nurses (I can see the women here groaning... ).   I waved at any one while I was walking.   The key for me was when I woke up that early moring.. I was ALIVE..!!   And I continue to live each day..!!

Take the pain drugs.. do NOT over do it post surgery... heal up and holler at us when ever you feel the need..!


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my husband had laproscopic nephrectomy last September; he had a 10 cm tumor and a chance they might have to do an open surgery.

when the surgeon called me (as promised), it was only a bit over an hour so my thought was they were doing it open.

instead, the surgeon told me he had done and finished laproscopic surgery and husband was in recovery.

he spent 3 nights and but for the catheter, it would have been 2.

as others have said, everyone is different.

as for the pain, strong narcotics at first, then tramadol.


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I had my embolization first. That was more painful than the recovery from surgery. After surgery, the incisional pain and muscle spasm made transfers hard for 3-4 days. I couldn't believe how weak I was when I tried to go for walks while still in the hospital. My old high school basketball coach was delivering free newspapers to patients. He saw me and wondered why I would be in the hospital. "I see you jogging all the time". I told him I couldn't out run this one. I know that I tolerated the procedure well. I told the doctor that I didn't care what he did to me because I would tolerate it well and had a good pain threshold. They hear this all the time and don't believe it. Then when I went to his office for suture removal, the first thing he said was,"I just want to tell you that for the rest of my life I will never forget how good you looked the next morning. I have never seen anyone sitting up in bed and reading the newspaper like you did." He shook his head. He couldn't get over it. Then again he might be a liar. He also said he got it all. But he also referred me to my first oncologist. So he gets a free pass on that one.

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Good luck tomorrow~ I will be thinking and praying for you!

Mine was exactly 3 hours, robatic, radical nephrectomy. I actually was wide awake (or so it seemed ) in recovery which is about 2 hours. I usually remember little to nothing about recovery due to the Versed med that Anes gives you, a type of amnesia/pain killer.

BUT during time in recovoery, I was chatty kathy, asking all kinds of questons, making comments to my embarrassment this lasted for DAYS!! Seems it was a side effect of narcotics/opiates. I had weird reactions to ALL opiates/pain killers due to having only one kidney and always being sensitive to most med/combos.

Pray for you surgeon, wish him/her well and trust their expertise. This is what they do best.

Let us know how you are doing, whenever you can.

Ask any questions of us, surgeon, Anesiologist.

Warmly, Jan 


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Hopefully u are doing well and sleeping comfortably.  August 2011 I had my right kidney and adrenline gland removed.  Not sure how long surgery was, I think my husband said about 4 hours, but I do know that I was sitting up and walking around that evening (my surgery was early morning).  I was only in the hospital for 2 days, the surgery was done laproscopy (sorry about the spelling).

Hoping everything went wonderful for you and that your pain is very minimal!

                                                                 Wishing and praying for good health for you,


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thank all of you for support.  It has been very positive for me.  I awoke early afternoon Tuesday.   walking a bit and sucking on some tube to help lungs.   Results not back yet but surgeon was optimistic.   small partial he said.    I have been walking and drinking lots of water but still no bm, but passing gas at both ends!   This operation seemed easier that the da vinci prostate operation last year at same time!   I am still new at the group but believe me you folks are wonderful.  semper fi.  papaneal

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thanks for all your support!    it really helps.   Got our of surgery early Tues pm and home Thursday am.   Surgeon was optimistic -  lab work not back as of yet.  walking and drinking lots of water.

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Welcome to the club. No pain, No gain.



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