lung cancer came back

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2011 dx with BOT & lung Cancer,8 chemo and 64 rad. treatment of neck and lungs that has left me with a lot of problems, like no siliva,arms and hands numb, Hard to swallow food and the list goes on---well two + yrs. have passed and last month a prostrate thing sent me to a urolgist--and with the luck of a irshman cancer of protrate and bladder.

Operation to remove both on 4/7/14 with new PEP/ct scan showed a new cancer spot on same lung--operation was canceled untill this lung problem is fixed. They are doing a biopsey next week to see if it is the same or different. Did it come from the bladder or is it a new one. Big problem if it came from bladder. Dr. said they could not use radation if it its to close to the rad. treatment in 2011.I know I have some serious issues here but any words of treatment opt. would be welcomed


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    Gilda was right- it's always something

    Well that just sucks.  I can't begin to imagine what you are going through.  If it helps at all, one of my best friends has had three separate breast cancers.  Each is different.   Please demand that they take a large enough sample that they can test for useable mutations.  Also, please consider treatment at an NCCN designated cancer care facility.  They tend to be more cutting edge.  Talk to them about the possibility of having stereotactic radiology on that lung rather than the traditional radiation.