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2 years survival anniversary

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I am frequent visitor to this forum and posted couple of times. On saturday March 22, 2014, my husband has crossed 2 years mark of survival. He was diagnosed with Stage IV RCC ( about 12 cm tumor with mets to lungs) on march 22. We were shattered. He was only 32 years old that time. We had 5 yearls old twins( now they are 7). It was hard but then got some strength. Did some online research. Luckily, we live close to Boston and they have best hospitals.

He underwent nephrectomy in April 2012. Before starting his IL-2 treatment, 3 spots were found in brain. then did Cyber knife. Then 2 rounds of IL-2 which worked fantastically. He is in remission since Jan 2013 as far as torso is concerned. There was one lesion on spine was found in jan 2013. they did 3 weeks radiation But they keep on finding brain lesion every 6-7 months. Last he had cyber knife in Dec 2013. Last week his brain scan came out good. Nothing new.

Hoping and praying to cross many many years with good health. I wish you all the best...I feel sometime that some of forum members I know them personally..foxd, icemantoo, garym, ron, neil and many more..

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Thanks for sharing your husband's fight. I'm so glad these things have been helping him.

Best to you both.


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With the extra baggage you started with your 2 years is equal to double digets for the rest of us. Keep up the good work.



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Strongmind, we do this together. In some ways this is like a marriage. We are all stronger for finding people who understand each others problems. Good luck, and keep us up to date more often.

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It looks like it has been a orerry bumoy road for two years. Keep the positive attitude going and congrats in the two year mark!

Praying for many more to come!

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Wishing you more years to come! (Our kids are roughly the same age, and my husband is also a relatively young survivor too!) 

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You have a very good reason to celebrate on my birthday.  And many more happy returns to you and yours.


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to your husband (and you); 34 years old is so very young. Hang in there!


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Congratulations! You have had your challenge, that is for sure! Take care and keep us posted!




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Thank you everyone for your kind wishes.

On wednesday my husband has 3 month follow up Torso scan..will keep you posted. Its been more than one year his torso scans are coming out clear, so we requested last time if they can increase the frequency to 6 months. But according to doctor, until his brain is not stable at least for a year, they can't take a chance...which is okay,..we also don't want to take any risk..only reason my husband was asking so that he doesn;t have to drink that "delicious smoothie" before scan:)

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