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Uterine Cancer

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Have been diagnosed with uterine cancer.  Surgery schedued for March 28.  Had biopsy that confirmed cancer.  Don't understand what is "early grade".

Last coupe of days not sure if it is nerves, just being aware of every twinge.  Having cramps I've not had before.  Surgery will be diVinci.  Doctor said 1 day in hospital.  I don't know what else I should ask.  Will do full hysterectomy.

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Sorry you have to go through this.   Early grade probably means Grade 1 Stage 1.   This means it is a slow growing cancer.    Also see if at your hysterectomy they will remove the omentum and your appendix.    Other than that, just take it easy for six weeks after your hysterectomy.  Don't over do it even if you feel good.    The doctors will probably give you a definite grading after your surgery and whether or not  you will need any treatment.

My best to you.


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This Friday is pre-op and surgery on 28th. 


I had large melanoma surgery 10 years ago....but hearing cancer for the second time has really shaken me.

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Double Whammy
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and welcome.  Hope your surgery goes well on Friday.  I was early stage (1a) low grade (1) and I was scared to death anyway.  That was in 2010 and wow, it's been almost 4 years since my DaVinci hysterectomy.  Time is the only thing that helped me with the fear and trepidation -and being a member of this group of women.  Try to stay connected with us and keep us posted about your progress.  Cancer is indeed a scarey word, regardless of stage and grade.

Best wishes to you,


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This group is a great resource.  Post any questions that you have. You may also find the Hyster Sisters website helpful. Just google that term for more info. That site has discussion boards on pre-surgery (and post surgery) that may help you prepare. Lots of helpful advice on what to take with you to the hospital and what to expect in the early days of your recovery. 

Wishing you all the best. It sounds like they caught your cancer early, which is great news. 


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