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Peter McCallum centre Melbourne Aust

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Anyone been to this centre.  Experience? amyone had lung surgery here?  Good doctors?

i was hoping for,microwave therapy but my largest tumor 62mm might be 1cm too big!!!

rhen have to,hope for surgery

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Hooley,  The Peter McCallum cancer centre Melbourne Australia is the penultimate cancer hospital in Australia.  It has world class equipement and world class Cancer Surgeons and Oncologists. My husband has been treated for stage 3b bowel cancer by a Surgeon and Oncology specialist from Peter McCallum.  He is NED at the moment and we are nearly 2 years into the journey.  You would be in the safest of hands at this facility.  I work in a hospital and we have an oncology service provided by Peter McCallum in Melbourne, so I can speak with some knowledge of the Centre.  Good Luck  dinkydi8

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