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lump in throat

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I had chemo #3 last Friday and for the last few days have had a feeling of having a lump in my throat all the time and wanting to swallow. Has anyone else experienced this and know what it might be ? Thanks.



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Chemo can cause all kinds of side effects and sensations. Keep yourself hydrated because one thing it does is drying out the mouth and the throat. Definitely tell your oncologist next time.

Good luck with the rest of the treatment.


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I think i probably do need to drink more so will try that and mention it to my onc next time i go. 

Thank you for your good wishes



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Are you getting oxaliplatin?  That causes extreme sensitivity to cold, both in the air and drinks/food.  My husband had the sensation of his throat closing and then sharp pains.  If you are getting oxi, eat and drink only room temp or warmer items.  Try some hot water or hot tea and see if that makes it go away.  You could be having an allergic reaction to your uvula.  I would call the onc. and see what they say - they may recommend benadryl or something else to try.  Good luck


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Yes, I had the feeling of a lump in my throat, and another down between the breasts. It felt like it was hard to swallow, and made eating very uncomfortable. 

I don't know if there actually was a lump, as it went away after a few weeks, and I haven't had any problems since. 

So many weird things happen when you are on treatment. 

If it is a real concern, be sure to mention it to your oncologist. Mine wasn't at all worried, as he could see nothing on examination. 

Good luck.

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Yes, i am on oxi and have stayed away from anything cold from the fridge etc as i know the throat spams can be very frightening. I think it may still be down to it though and i will mention to my onc as she may be able to give me something to help.

Thanks all



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I recal having that side effect from the chemo FOLFOX, during my chemotherapy regime. THere is a side effect medication

that will help you with that. YOu can ask your oncologist about it.

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