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CT Scan in an hour

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Nana b
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My ONC also told me yesterday no surgery to the 3 lung mets while I have a spot in my liver. But if the liver spot is gone he will do the lung surgery.    He also told me that I was on chemo for the long haul; this was the first time he didn't look at me in the eye.   


CT Scan today, CEA should be in soon, it went up 7 last time after coming down hundreds at a time, hopefully i'ts a fluke

Cathleen Mary
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Hopefully, your scan is over and you are curled up on the couch. Praying the CEA is a fluke and the liver spot is gone.  If not, remember second opinions are our friend.



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How soon do you get CT results?  That's the part that always gets me, the waiting for the results!

Here's hoping yours are good and you can get your surgery!

Winter Marie

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Nana b
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Tuesday morning we will discuss the CT and the plan going foward.  Just got CEA up 50, major bummer...

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I am praying for good results.

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Hope you are doing OK.  Prayers for a good plan.

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We are in the same boat.  My husband had his first scans (ct and x-rays) yesterday, appt. Monday with oncologist.  These are his first scans since his surgery 1/22 when tumor was removed from his small intestines.  Original CC tumor removed in December 2012.  Praying for clear scans and good news for all of us.  BTW, his CEA went down while he was in the hospital before they discovered the tumor so I guess CEA is not a good marker for him.  No other organ or lymph node involvement from pathology and ct scan two days before his surgery.  I guess worrying is something we just have to deal with. 

Hoping you can get your liver spot "gone" and then surgery for the lungs.


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Praying for you today 

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It's been about 4 days since you would have gotten your results.  I hope we'll hear from you soon but I'm praying for a good report. 



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Nana b
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The liver met and 3 tumour mets are still at 3-cm.  that is good. There is an  inflamed  area behind the liver.  Too close to those nodes. They are keeping an eye on.  New chem cocktail tomorrow. 

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Nana, limited spots in both liver and lungs are resectable in some shops, usually with some chemo and some stability, often a head of department.    Pls don't just give up on the surgeons with only 2-3 consults.  Got to fish hard.  We've concentrated on stopping metastasis itself rather than size - going to cut the big ones anyway.

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Why can't we just sign a waiver and they go in and whack that **** outta there at once? 

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