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Father with Stage IV prostate cancer (Mets to Brain Fluid)

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As you commented PCa metastases in cerebrospinal fluid is rare. It seems that in advanced cases of breast cancer, doctors more commonly find and diagnose leptomeningeal metastases (meningitis cancer) together with metastatic Bca. Probably you find more info about the condition of your dad at the CSN breast cancer forum. Here you got a link for the condition with a list of the side effects that may be the symptoms your dad is experiencing;

To treat metastases in brain fluid, radiation seems to be the best. However, your dad is confronting the bandit at several “fronts” which turns things difficult. Medication for brain tumors is also scarce. For bone mets you may discuss with his doctor about Xofigo (radium 223);

Chemo is usually administered to advanced cases of Pca when other drugs have failed. To Pca brain metastases they use Dexamethasone but its benefit is questionable. Nothing is given with intent to cure but to stop or delay further advance of the cancer. Doctors tend to give more emphasis in treat the symptoms to provide better quality of life to patients.  Embarassed
You did not share his age or any other health problem but I think that your family should be prepared for a worse scenario. This is a very sad period for you and your family and I am sorry for that. You need to be strong and try to provide him with the best of the comforts.

In this below link you may find stories of Pca patients that have traveled the same steps as those of your father. There is a search engine by age and conditions, just do not become upset with any negative comment you may read;




Best wishes for a good outcome from the radiotherapy, and luck in his journey.

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Thank you for the info. All we can do now is pray for a miracle b/c at this point I am thinking its out of the doctors hands now. Even though they say they have more treatment options available. Just to give you more info, he is 58 and was first diagnosed at the age of 45 and besides the cancer he does not have any other health problems with the exception of arthritis in his back.

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My thoughts and prayers are with your Father.

Your Father is being treated at one of the top, if not the top institution in the world for this disease.

Men with a family history of prostate cancer  are more likely to be diagnosed with prostate cancer. Early dectection is critical to treatment. It is important for men in your familt to be screened for this disease.   A baseline PSA test at about age 35 is appropriate, and then an annual PSA and Digital Rectal Test at age 40 .

Additionally about five years ago a study was made at Albert Einstein Medical Center in The Bronx, NY among Askenozi Jews where a correlation was shown between prostate and breast cancer, so the women in your family need to be deligent in doing the screening teststhat are available.

Many of us here at this board have changed our life styles to be heart healthy, that is having lots of veggies, no meat or dairy and regular exercises. There have been epidemiological studies in various countries that have shown a correlation between diet and diagnosis of disease. There is a book that you may wish to read "The China Study" by T. Colin Cambell. Additionally there is a DVD "FORKSoverKNIVES"

There is a drug Avodart, that you may wish investigate with relation to taking as a preventive for developing prostate cancer. There have been recent studies done to this drug and also another one Proscar.

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I was saddened to read of your father's situation at such a young age.  As Vasco and Hopeful pointed out, this is a very difficult diagnosis.  It is unlikely that there is a cure for a patient with such an advanced cancer as your father has.  The mets in the brain fluid is very rare indeed but indicative of the extent to which this cancer has spread.  Like Vasco, I agree that chemo for this condition is problematical and frankly, I doubt that it will do anything except deteriorate your father's quality of life.  It should not be counted upon to provide a cure.

As you said, a miracle may be what is required here.

It's possible that radiation to the hip can alleviate the localized pain in this area.

It may be time for a frank discussion among your family members.  Everyone must deal with this disease in their own way.  In my opinion at this point the quality of life of your father's remaining time should be a matter of priority over questionable treatments such as chemotherapy which are unlikely to either provide a cure or prolong his life.

I wish you and your family the very best in dealing with this difficult situation.



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Thanks to all for you generous thoughts and advice. A few things that keep me hopeful is my faith in God and the fact they are not sure if its leptomeningeal metastases or a skull met. They never did confirm either of the 2, but he did have a met on his skull. Also, the fact that he is at MD Anderson is a plus and they are being very proactive about the treatment options. The only problems he has is the double vision which he said improved after the 1st day of radiation and each day after but has not healed 100%.

I will continue to have faith and strength during my father's fight. I just hate cancer. It makes you wonder b/c his father passed from prostate cancer and both of his grandfather's did also, so it makes me wonder if its just a matter of time that myself or one of my brothers will receive the dreaded news that we also have this horrible sickness and to think of my mother going through this again makes my heart hurt.

I will provide an update on my father after his radiation and chem treatments are done.

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Chipa, how are you and your husband doing?

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