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Colonoscopy for the uninsured?

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My husband was diagnosed with his colon cancer very late and after the cancer had spread everywhere. Knowing what he went through, it is important for me that my with family history get screened. My Dad's mother had colon cancer at age 55. He is 56 so the recommended age would have been 10 years ago! He has never had a colonoscopy because he "doesn't have insurance."

Does anyone know of programs for the uninsured? I am even willing to pay out of pocket for him if the price isn't astronomical.

Thank you in advance for your help or advice!


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discussion.  I hope folks will report in with their own success stories.  

In my extended family, I have several who have been touched with cancer and then could not get insurance after losing employment because of their cancer being an "existing condition".  The good news is they now have been able to secure health insurnce through the Affordable Care Act at very reasonable costs.  And yes, before they had to pay for their care for a period of time without any insurance at all.  One lost her home and the other had to move in with relatives.  It was so sad that they had to go through all the cancer stressors while seeing their meager savings being depeleted and losing a home.  For some the A.C.A. may provide the security and support they need. 

I wish your family member the best.

Peace. ~ Cynthia

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Check with your local hospital the Methodist Hospitals in Omaha Ne advertising free colonoscopys right now

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Thanks to the both of you. It is more of preventative and more for my peace of mind. He knows it is important to have done but I really don't think he would do it if it weren't for me pressing him.


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If his income level is low enough, maybe he would qualify for Medicaid, but I think you have to be very low-income to fall into that category.  Has he looked at the various plans offered through the insurance exchange that the state set up?  I know a number of people who have gotten reasonably priced plans through that, and they are required by the law to include such preventive measures as colonoscopies.

I'm glad you're trying to look after him!  We know how important early detection is for this stuff...literally life and death.


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You might want to check out the website colonoscopyassist. It looks like they offer colonoscopies at various locations across the US for $950.

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