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Fatigue with Y90

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My husband was diagnosed with HCC about 5 months ago. His tumor was almost 6cm with another 1cm tumor so he was not a candidate for transplant. We elected to go with Y90 radioembolization and he tolerated the procedure well , had mild pain and fatigue for a couple of days right after the procedure. About a month after the procedure he experienced about a week of fatigue and very poor appetite, felt good for about 2 wks but the fatigue returned and has persisted for the past 3 wks. He is scheduled for his MRI  next week to see if there has been any change since the procedure 3 mos. ago. His lab last month was OK, liver function tests just slt over normal, AFP 159 ( initially was 150). He will have some labwork done again tomorrow. The fatigue is really starting to bother him this time since it has just hung on and we thought he wouldn't have much trouble with it this far out since the procedure. Everything we read or were told was that the fatigue and other side effects usually occurred in the first few weeks after treatment and then improved. Just wanting to know if anyone else has had this experience with Y90 treatment. We are certainly hoping for some good news next week after he has the MRI.

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