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feeding tube

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Anyone have a J tube? Does the pain ever subside?  Best way to deal with it. Thanks

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I have a lot of experience with the jtube. It should subside. SOmetimes you experience a great deal of soreness inside. give it a week or so and see.

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I had limited pain with the J-tube. It was out in 4 weeks all nearly all was fine. 

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The pain should lessen with time. Be sure to anchor it so its not flopping around or being pulled. That should help alot. If it, or the stitches, catch on your shirt/sheets etc. you can cover the tube with a 4x4 of gauze and anchor the sides of the gauze down with tape. That seems to help with sleeping so it doesnt get pulled or the stiches dont snag.

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Joined: Jan 2014

Thanks.  He says its getting better.  3 weeks with it. Says feels like a knife is stuck in his side.  Can't even lay down flat with out pain. The good thing is, since treatment began he is able to eat more and hasn't had to use the tube. Flushes it daily thoygh. Just wondering if pain was normal.  Thanks for answers.  This network has been a lot of help to me.

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