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green mucous for 1 month

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Hi everyone. 

I need help and advice.  Ever since I got the cold/flu a month ago, my nose has been producing greenish thick discharge.  It clogs up my nose sometimes.  I have to constantly blow it out and it came back in an hour.  I've been using the NeilMed and it clears the nose but came back in an hour.  I've been out of radiation/chemo treatment for 3 months now.  In two days I will have my follow up scan.  Tomorrow I go and see an ENT.

I read on the thread that alkolol helps?   Where can I get it and how is it use in conjunction with the NeilMed with the isotonic solution?

Thank you in advance.


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Make sure you let your Doctor know what is happening. If my mucus goes green or yellow I have to be on antibiotics ASAP, to the point I am to keep them at my house at all times. I don't know your condition but I have COPD as well.

Good luck and tell your Dr.


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mucous indicates infection.  DO tell your Onc or your PCP about this, so they can give you antibiotics.


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It's not easy being green!  I think that you might need an antibiotic for an infection.  I was getting sinus infections monthly.  ENT was concerned about the amount of antibiotics I had been taking, suggested Alkalol.  I have purchased Alkalol at CVS and Walgreen's.  It comes in a box, usually by the sinus rinse products, or ask pharmacist.  I add it to the saline rinse.  I started with adding a teaspoon to 8 ozs. and have worked up to 1 Tablespoon to 8 ozs.  I costs about $10 and lasts about 2 weeks if used daily.

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Like mentioned, if you have a greenish discharge, more than likely you have an infection, or at minimal need some anti-biotics...

My advise, for what it's worth....

Don't let things like that go for a month just coming out of what you went through.

You're setting yourself up for complications that could have been easily taken care of up front.



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Visited the ENT today.  He said the greenish mucous is from the radiation and chemo side effect left over.  No antibiotic is required but advise to simply rinse the nose often maybe twice a day to prevent the crust formation.  Got Alkalol from Walgreen today.  Lucky day for me since it was on sale.  Tried it with the NeidMed and feel good.  Oh by the way, the tumor is not present on visual inspection of the scope by the ENT today.


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