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I believe your 10th aniversery of stage IV diagnosis is either today or tomorrow. So I just wanted to say congratulations and make newbies aware of your longevity and wish for another 10 years.

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Hey, Phil!


Hope you're doing well!




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Thanks for the shout out. It's been 10 years since my DX. Things are going ok, I wish I could say great but I'm still feeling the effects of the radiation I had 10 months ago and the RFA back in Dec. I did recently start a pulmonary rehab program to improve my lung funtion and that has been a great thing. I'm hoping to get to the point where I can walk a long distance without supplemental oxygen.

I've been scarce on the board as many of you know. Part of it is that I just needed a break, part of it is that I'm very busy with work along with my involvement in fighting political corruption in NY State (yeah, I know...good luck with THAT!) as well as not really having anything "new" to bring to the table here.

Everyone's doing a great job guiding the newcomers and generally speaking, I don't think that most people who are just starting their journey and are looking at 6 months of tough treatment always want to know that one can be in treatment for 10 years. On the upside, it can be good to know that not everyone goes into remission, some of us do live a quality life with cancer.

I have been around long enough to have figured out that there's no one best way to deal with or beat cancer. If there were, this forum wouldn't exist. Many people have tried many methods, some with great success, others have not been so fortunate. It's really quite random in my opinion. The best advice I could give is to find the best possible facility and team of doctors that you can, follow your instincts, try to maintain a good attitude, and have luck on your side.

OK, back to work. I have a deadline to make. Opppps, bad choice of words. I have a timetable to keep.


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Thank you for sharing, 10 years is reasurring to me, and i like your last sentence you are always humorus.  Good picture too.  I wish you continued timetables.


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Thanks for continuing to share your story and good news.  My husband is just 15 months into his journey so I'm always uplifted with stories like yours.  Keep up the good work!


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if I went by your guideline ...

"generally speaking, I don't think that most people who are just starting their journey and are looking at 6 months of tough treatment always want to know that one can be in treatment for 10 years."

... I would never be able to post at all since my husband did not survive his cancer! Come to think of it, I actually have thought about if those of us who still post after having lost a loved one make newcomers feel uncomfortable ... but, that is another post some other time.

But likely every voice helps here. Yours was particularly appreciated as you shared experience, knowledge, humor, and through in a bit of controversy every now and then to just shake things up a bit.

Personally, I have missed you a lot.

Peace. ~ Cynthia

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I am so happy for you!

ps. My family and I are not going to florida anytime soon. We have decided to reallocate funds elsewhere. We have been indecisive about the trip since 2002. Dealing with "our" situation in the past couple of years has presented a problem for us. You understand what I am saying? 


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Ten years is pretty amazing.  I wonder if you can get yourself into the Guinness Book of World Records?  At the very least, I think you should get a nice, shiny tiara to wear.

For me, you symbolize hope, so having you pop in now and then makes me happy.  I hope you keep it up!

Hugs from AA

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