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Hi from the land of snow and ice

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Hi Loves,

Just wanted to "check in" with update. I've now done 4 years straight of chemo, with the last 29 months on cisplatin/gemzar. Is there an Olympic chemo event? If so, I'm going for the gold. The good news is that I remain stable and able to tolerate this chemo cocktail. (((((HUGS to all))))    Maria

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Oh, Maria - you sure are strong.  I can't imagine going through this continually for 4 years.  Is there no let-up in sight?  Forgive me if I don't remember all the details of your situation, but truly you are an inspiration.

Prayers & (((HUGS)))!



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You are a survivor!

If you wouldn't mind, what is your journey? I didn't see a profile and I may have missed it in the past. I'd like to know when you were diagnosed, what stage. how long before a reccurrence and your current ca125 for example...but only if you are comfortable sharing.


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I don't mind at all, I really should take time and write my bio. I was dxed 5/2006, 3C, had the debulking surgery and lost 9 inches of my colon and appendix. I had 6 rounds of carbo/taxol and went into remission for almost 3 years. My CA-125s remained in the single digits during that time, but slowly started to creep up. CT scans showed progression and I went on chemo 1/2010. I started on carbo/taxol again, then doxil, then carbo/gemzar. I became allergic to carbo, so I'm very thankful that I have been able to tolerate cisplatin all this time.

I worry that I might frighten newbies that are struggling to get through their rounds of chemo or those who have reached long term remisssion, but I think it's important to share my story. I'm considered chronic, will need to remain on chemo, but I live a mostly normal life. Two weeks out of every month I'm recovering from yucky chemo and the other two weeks I kick up my heels and enjoy the h#ll out of life :). I will be an eight year survivor this May.

                                                                      ((((HUGS))))   Maria


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thanks for the history..it actually helps to hear that recurrence is not demise...xoxo

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and wonder woman. Glad you are stable and handling your chemo. I am runner up..been on chemo since 2011 Carbo/Taxol. I lve in cold and ice and frigid temps ...been inside a lot. Stay strong....VAL

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You and Val deserve the gold medal for strength, grace and attitude.  Like the other ladies, I appreciate your story because it tells me that a full life is possible after recurrence.  And most importantly, you are stable!  Isn't "stable" a lovely word?!

Warm hugs,


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Hearty Pioneer
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Wow! 8 year survivor!! Thank you for sharing your story. Our journeys are similar, but different. 

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I think newbies and ALL of us love to hear such success.  CONGRATS!!

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2timothy1 7
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If there was a chemo Olympics, you should win the Gold for sure. You are a warrior!

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what an inspiration you are!  Your courage and strength is a goal I hope I can attain.  You GO GIRL!  




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My story is similar to yours and I am now on Carbo/ Gemzar and hoping that it works enough to be able to stay on it. My last ca125 went up 16 points after my third round but my doctor wants to see what happens next month as this is my fifth different chemo in one year. 

I am excited because I have read that Carbo or Cisplatin and Gemzar is effective very often. You are so inspiring to me because knowing you gives me hope. Thank you !


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Our stories are very similar. The first year back on chemo my ONC tried several different combos till carbo/gemzar really started to get results. Let's stay in touch so we can compare notes!

                                                               (((((HUGS)))))   Maria

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