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Medical MJ

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Does anyone have thoughts or experience with medical marijuana?  It's seems to be such a taboo subject. As a palliative treatment, it seems to be quite popular. I've read a few articles that indicate there could be some anti-cancer properties also. Nearly 1/2 of the U.S. has  approved it in some fashion for medical use. Is it the wave of the future?


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given that it's now legal for everyone (over the age of 21, just like alcohol)!  I had an authorization for the medical version while doing chemo, and I found it quite effective for nausea, pain, and sleeplessness.  You don't have to smoke it...it comes in an array of edible forms (including hard candy and butter), or you can buy a vaporizer.  When I was a teen we just made a pipe out of a Coke can, but that's kind of old school, I don't recommend it.*

*just kidding, CSN and/or government spies!

It's also been the subject of several studies at the university here, to see if it has actual cancer-killing properties as well.

I suspect in another decade or so, it will be in standard use for a variety of illnesses, and getting it standardized would be great, as at the moment there are no specific dose guidelines, which makes it trickier to use sometimes.  There has been no documented overdose of mj in humans tho (and animal studies suggest it's not really possible to overdose under your own steam), so it's not as unsafe as fooling around with the pain meds many of us have to take.

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Nevada is progressing but WA & CO are by far the leaders. It's still taboo (notice only a few people replied to this post).  If you read what little published studies have been done on the subject, you'll see that MJ has significant anti-cancer properties. I for one am a true believer that it helps cancer patients in more ways than one so don't bogart that joint.........

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Don't take the slim reply for feeling MJ as taboo.

Medical MJ is not available in my state.

I know that a number of folks have used it "officially" and "unofficially" for a number of medical conditions beyond cancer.

If I absolutely needed it, I am sure I could source it, but my concern is the quality of any "unofficial" product.

Marie who loves kitties

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I've used unofficial MJ numerous times. It is by far the best anti-nauesa treatment out there. Booze, cigagettes, prescription drugs are all OK but heaven help the soul who wants to smoke something that one can grow themselves...

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I would love to be able to get medical marijuana for Pat but talk about confusing.  There are 3 treatment centers in NJ and they are quite a distance away from where we live and I hear the closest site never seems to be open. When I questioned Pat's doc about it, she said we were the first people to ask her medical mj and she would look in to it. Ready to look to the unofficial path myself.  Why do these things have to be so difficult??

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here it's easy. You go to a cannibas store (a store that only sells marijuana products). First you have to get a medical paper saying MJ will help your condition.  If you go to a MJ doctor, he will help you out with what kind he thinks wills help you and for what symptoms.  Then you simply go to the store and buy what you want.  You can get cookies, truffles, suckers, liquid cola's, weed itself in variety of types and strengths, most edible products are tested in a lab that they have here in our town that does the testing for the "pot shops".

I prefer it to the anti-nausea medication, it works great for me and usually I can go to sleep the first night after steroids (exception was last week).

Winter Marie 

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I have had several doctors tell me that if my pain ahd continued to seriously think about MJ.  They also said not to smoke it but to bake it in cookies or breads to ingest.  Then one is not getting tar etc... in their lungs, but getting the benfits of THC for heping with the pain.


Just a thought.


Best Always,  mike

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