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PET denied..Now Ct....anxious

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Many know I've been anxious about an upcoming PET scan. And an open MRI on head for tomorrow. PET to follow MRI soon. Claustrophobic.

 Just got word that PET was denied. Will have CT scan of chest abdomen and pelvis instead. Looking for any growths on spine causing severe back and leg pain.

 Very afraid of more cancer of course...

 Any feedback on procedure of CT scan from anybody would be appreciated. I've only had one of my head in the ER recently and it was pretty easy. My very first one.

 Went in with fatigue dizziness and vomiting. After a couple of weeks of sleep deprivation from leg pain. Ruling out the possibility of cancer,I like to think. But with my history they need to check. Hopefully brain lesions seen on first CT are nothing.

 Thanks again,


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For me, I have had CT once a year, and a PET six months later going on five years now since Tx ended.

The CT isn't a whole lot different as for the machine.

It's about 20 minutes total time, moves you through the donut a few inches at a time.

They hook up an IV before I go in..., about half way through, they inject a dye into you. It gives your pelvis area a very warm feeling almost feeling like you wet yourself.

It's much faster than the PET because with the PET you have to drink a solution, they inject a radio tracer into you, and you wait for an hour before the scan begins.

It's not bad, same conditions as the PET.


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CT is much shorter duration, but similar donut hole.  The rest is as John described, including the feeling you have wet yourself (don’t you just love this stuff).

I know you said you do not handle medications well, but I take 1 Lorazapam before all scans and I never know I have taken anything.

Good luck,


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Good to have you all near. Thank you. I feel like you are holding my hand....around the clock.


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vicki, saying prayers that you calm down and that the scan is clean!  hang in there, we are holding your hand, we're right there with you.

God bless you,


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jim and i
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Vicki, hope all goes well with scan. Praying for good results/




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