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One positive side effect so far

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Just wanted to comment that I like the fact that I do not have to worry about those long dark ugly hairs that used to appear on my neck and under my chin anymore following radiation.  LOL! 


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Menopause seemed to make the hair from legs migrate up to my chin and lip.....once rads were done, the migration ended.  That has been my one positive side effect, too! 


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jim and i
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Jim's hair in the ears and on chin went away too but now is back. Hope yours stays gone.Cool


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Agree...that was a very pleasant surprise!

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Nose hair was gone for awhile also, but has grown back.  Lost one eyebrow last year, growing back very slowly--I wear an eyepatch so it is not noticable to many.  (Eyepatch is not for missing eyebrow!)

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fantastic!  glad to hear of a "positive" effect.


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for a sec..., LOL


Like mentioned, for me all of those nasty long, gray hairs or wild ones... In all of the places you would just prefer hair not to grow...

Unfortunately they were the first to come back, LOL...

Other than below the chin, and a little on the nape of the neck...

I do like having less beard to shave..., and the back of the neck, well..., I can't see that anyways, LOL.


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Kreg got his goatee back and came back darker with very little gray. Very little to shave on the sides of his face anymore... and the nape area is kind of different. He always kept that short mullet going and during treatment lost about an inch of it back there and now that his hair is growing it doesn't seem to grow in the radiated area...so he is growing it out longer to cover that bare area. Hard to explain...but, doesn't look too bad. LOL

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