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I turn on NBC the olympics are suppose to start in 10 minutes. The local newscast is reporting all the results from all venues so far. It is ruining the olympics. It is like walking into a movie and being told the ending when you get your ticket. Cant believe how frustrating this is!
If they cant wait to report, then maybe they should broadcast live!!

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I hate that too.  With big time differences, it never seems to be kept secret anymore.  It's a shame.

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I am not thrilled about how NBC is handling the Olympics either. It is kind of disappointing.

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It's all politics. It is has always been about politics. I think that's their main focus. At the same time, Russia has some serious issues.

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Putin would like to see a return of something like the former Soviet Union.  (I think he was a former KGB man.)  He wants Russia to be viewed with the same regard it was when the USSR existed.  (Same thing happened a few months ago with the situation with Syria.  BHO waffled and waffled, and so Putin stepped in.) 

I like the Olympics, both summer and winter.  It's not too often that I feel the venue is out to make a political statement to the world -- this time I do.

On a high note -- how about those Norwegian curling team's pants?  http://media.salon.com/2014/01/norways-olympic-crazy-pants.jpeg-1280x960.jpg

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I hate that too!!! I don't want to know ahead of time. I like the suspense. As for Vladamir Putin, has he had a facelift? I swear the man does not have a wrinkle on his face. Love Surf 

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I think it sucks that the Olympics are in Socchi.  It is the warmest venue ever chosen for Winter Olympics and it is in Russia??????   I feel so bad for all of the athletes dealing with the horrible snow/ice conditions and I don't feel it is a fair competition because of them.  There are always weather conditions and course conditions, but this seems particularly bad all the way around and I don't think you really get to see any of the most gifted athletes at their best.  Some of the wins are more like luck than skill. 

Politics should not come into picking venue sites, but my guess is this is both politics and a heck of a lot of corruption went into all of this.  I am still watching, but very grouchy.

But I do love the curling pants!  I kind of hope that they catch on, but I'll never get Danny to wear them...lol. Wink

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