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Phil64 Update - sixth surgery scheduled

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Well, I met with the surgeon yesterday.  Dr. James Knoll at UMHS.  He's been doing liver (and other) surgeries since 1980 and he was quick to gain my confidence. He explained the procedure to me, my wife, and my sister and walked us through the MRI images.

There is a clear small tumor in the liver (near the surface).  This will be the primary focus of the surgery.  There is another spot in the corner of the liver near the gall bladder. Given the location of the tumor and the fact that this is a second liver resection he will need to do this procedure via open surgery (no laparoscopic surgery this time).  He plans to ultrasound as much of the liver as he can and remove any additional questionable spots he sees.  The primary objective will be to remove the tumor that shows up on the MRI images.  The secondary objective will be to explore the spot near the gall bladder.  If there is any question about this spot he will remove it along with the gall bladder. 

Surgery is scheduled for Friday, February 7 (next Friday).  I will be in the hospital for six days and then hoping to work part time from home a couple weeks after that. 

I'll meet with the oncologist after this to discuss additional chemo as well.

I am not sure but I think this procedure is going to force me into short term / long term disability. I'm not looking forward to the paperwork, pay reductions, and other challenges that may be related to this.

I sure am hoping and praying that this intervention will be followed by a long remission!!!

God Bless us all and Peace be with you!

Oh, and happy Friday!!!


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Feb 6th is on my calendar and marked with your name. 

It sounds like you have a great working relationship with your surgeon, and my prayers will be with both you and Dr. Knoll.


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Hey Phil,

Just want to wish you success on your upcoming operation.  When my Rick had liver surgery, the doctor removed the gall bladder as a preventative measure, but Rick never had an issue with having it removed.

All my best,


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He has an excellent reputation.  My husband and I met with him once as well. Next Friday you will be in my thoughts as you have this surgery and in the days following as you heal.

Going on disability may indeed be temporary and will give you time to rest and heal. You may have a temporary paycut but you will not lose your insurance as I understand it.

Remember, it will be spring here again in our part of the world in the not to distant future. This will be a rebirth of sorts for all things ... including your health and remission.

Peace and comfort to you.



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Nana b
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This is a good time to think about your benefits and what you would lose if they let you go. I say this because I lost my job and my ltd    Then was a preexisting for my current plan.   I rushed back to work after surgery because I didn't want to lose my medical but my LTD was so much more richer, now that I had a relapse I don't have it.   After liver resection, I went back to work 2 weeks earlier then I should have.    Stage4, I should have stayed out.   I'm on SS now and ca SDI. SDI ends in April. Don't forget if you go on LTD to sign a life insurance waiver of premium. You won't have to pay monthly cost until you return.  


Anyway I'm letting you know now so you can think about your options with a clear head. As clear as we get them These days.   



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I'm so glad you have the option to get surgery!  The open approach is what I've had (5 times-urk), and it does take longer to heal up, but at the same time the surgeon can really get in there and see what's going on.  Personally, I'm glad I had them.  You could be looking at not just remission, but an actual cure!

Keep us posted when you can~AA

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...good plan Phil. As hard as it is, you have to get through this and you will. 

Ill be thinking of you.


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Thank you all for the excellent advice and encouragement!!!

I just checked my CEA from this past Thursday appointment.  It was at 12. So, it went from 3 to 12 in a matter of a month. Surely from the tumor in my liver.

Count down till Surgery is beginning.  T minus three days! Eeek.

One of the things I did today is update my FMLA days log (for work). It looks like I'm still covered by our FMLA policy. Thank God that is a rolling 12 month window.

I'm getting through this one day at a time, with a lot of help from you, from above, from my colleagues at work, and from my family and friends!  

And a lot of Praying surely helps too.

Thank You,


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I, too, will be thinking of you that day.  

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