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hello...I am newbie here

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Joined: Jan 2014

I was diagnosed with an rare ovarian tumor back in

October 2013. I had to do 20 rounds of chrmo therapy

5 days straight and 2 weeks off. I did my last round the

January 6-10. I get my ct scan this Tuesday. I have been

keeping a positive attitude since all of this has occurred. 

I hope this forum is as supportive as I was told it to be.

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Sounds like you had a rough chemo, 5 days in row and only 2 weeks off after that.....mine was 8 cycles of carbo-taxol, 4 before surgery and 4 after, every 3 weeks and it was  hard too. I'm glad to say that almost 2 years later, I am back to the new normal. Grateful to be alive, but a bit dinged and knocked around from the effects of the surgery and chemo.

Hope your scan is clear and that you will be dancing with NED soon (NED stands for no evidence of disease and we all want him for a dance partner).

You've come to the right place for support, understanding and empathy. Let us know how your scan turns out. and if you have any questions. There's always someone here to help.

All the best,


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Congratulations on finishing chemo. Was it Topotecan?

I hope your CT scan comes back clear and you enjoy your remission for a long-long-long time.



Rosamond M
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Joined: Apr 2013

Marymyra, welcome to this site,

It certainly is quite right

That all the lovely ladies here

Can help us manage and calm our fear

 From time to time we all feel

That comes along with this cancer deal!

Hoping your CT scan's O.K.

And you can throw that fear away!

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Glad to be done
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Joined: Jul 2012

Welcome.  I was diagnosed stage 3C in January 2012.  After 6 round of IP/IV cisplatain/taxol I am going on 20 months NED and my ca 125 is 5.8.

How did you hear about us?  Great group of ladies here.  Make yourself at home



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I am praying that you get good results from your CT scan tomorrow.  As you no doubt have discovered, this journey is a rollercoaster of emotions and waiting for test results can be the hardest thing.  Please keep us posted!



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So glad that you found us. I was 3 years into this before I found my way here and I think you'll find comfort, answers, warmth, support and even great humor among the wonderful sisters who post here. No subject or concern is off limits...... welcome!

                                            (((((HUGS))))) Maria

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Your chemo sounds really tough, how are you? This board really helped me when I was first diagnosed, the women here are the strongest, smartest bunch you will ever find.

I was diagnosed in June of 2010 and have been on chemo most of the time since and I am doing pretty well so even if your scan is not perfect there is still hope. You have not posted your results and I hope it is because you are out celebrating !

Oh I reread your post and see you just had your scan so you won't have the results yet ! Crossing my fingers and toes for you!


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kimberly sue 63
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wow daily chemo, that is brutal. I had weekly chemo and still hsd trouble keeping my blood counts up. What rare type of ovca did you get? Kim

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glad you came to this site. The ladies are remarkable...we have been through surgeries..chemo..radiation and know all to well how you feel. Having a great outlook is very helpful. Good luck on your scans...stay strong...Val


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