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Some of us are pushy

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Hi All.. just saw this article on SP and thought it would  be good to share it here as well.  Did you know we Americans are pushy..??  



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Hi Ron! Leave it to you to initiate such a discussion!

Of course we're more pushy!! LOL. But not all. I realize many defer to their treating physicians for all decisions about our health, while others do research, join forums and ask around for other alternatives. Maybe its with age and wisdom, we get smarter and bolder.

I come from generations of strong women, born to advocate for others. But I do remember a time when I could not speak up for myself. Boy, I do now!! LOL. But after dealing with many other disorders/diseases, I see how those experiences thoroughly prepared me to deal with RCC.

Thanks to you fine folks on this forum, I came to my Urology appointments prepared and ready with more pertinent questions. Maybe its my age, but I have no problem advocating for my own health needs.

May this discussion continue now~

Warmly, Jan

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Jan, you are a true gem..!  Now be careful how you talk about things growing...!!  Cool


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I prefer "assertive", ok, "relentless" fits too; my breast cancer files actually had "difficult patient" on the front where it was hard to miss.

Later, I read that "difficult" patients had better survival rates.

i am not a doctor and in fact, sucked at science but I have learned that we need to be up on the latest, never relax with recommended treatments and research, research and then research.

that is what I try to do for my husband whose every report describes as "a pleasant" gentleman.


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I saw my initial eval a couple years back. It said that I was a "Charming gentleman."

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