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Views from 2 survivors

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Today, I had brunch with my dearest friend, who recently underwent a double mastectomy. The doctor had been monitoring something on one side and then found the tumor on the other. She's still experiencing post surgical "problems" that time should resolve.

We agreed that perhaps our age, and the life threatening diagnoses have rearranged our life priorities.  Without the diagnoses, life expectancy would be another 15-20 years, at least.  With cancer, and what we've done to beat it, it could be the same expectancy.  

So why put up with crap in your life just to accomodate others. We want to enjoy our families and take time to enjoy what we want to do.  We don't mind working, as we both still do, but we want to be recognized for our contributions to family owned business and treated accordingly.  We want to be involved in organizations and active in grouops (sometimes the same one), but don't want to lead the charge.  We want to work with those to are given a task and will follow through on the responsibility.  In other words, those who don't follow thru need not apply.

After discussing recent trips, wedding plans for her son, and catching up on other news, we parted on a funny note...kind of a jab at someone we have both dealt with...

"What's the difference between a Twit (the blonde who is rude to us) and a Twerk."  Well, at least Mylie gets 'er done!



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I had to google "Twerk", either because I'm too old or because English is my third language. The Miley video got me so excited, that I immediately had to attempt twerking. Don't try it at home especially if you're over 200 lbs. Broke a vase and threw out my back. When I'm able to get up, I will google "Twit". Smile

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You go, girl!!!

(that is meant for both Donna AND Alexandra!!)

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Alex, you crack me up!  I hope the vase was not an antique! HA!  Miley Circus doesn't know what she started! <3  The little TWIT!  LOL

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Donna, thanks for posting your experience with your friend and yourself. Women can only be stronger when other women step up and support us! We are often the teachers for some men to learn from these teachable moments.

Attitude and deciding what we want to spend our energy on changes as we get older. We learn what to work on and what to let go of. Phew.. thank goodness!

Thanks for sharing this story.  You and your friend are testiments to the strength that comes from pure love and care!

Give your friend a gentle hug from me to you both!

Warmly, Jan

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Very well said, Jan!   

Change comes with maturity and life experiences, and thank goodness for good girlfriends with which to share them.  As I prepare mentally for turning 50 this year, I realize, my BFF today is the same lady I met the first day of Kindergarten enrollment as we signed our kids up.  We were both first time school moms, anxious to sign up for PTA and it was in that PTA line that we struck up a conversation and the rest is history.  We've been BFF's ever since.  That was 25 years ago.  We've seen each other through the worst of times and celebrated happy times.  And many times, we fought like sisters.  Friends are blessings!

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She sounds like a good friend, Donna.  I hope her post surgical issues clear up and her recovery is fast and complete.  It's nice that the two of you have each other to lean on and draw strength from. 

I am going to work on taking less crap from people. Yell


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Is a silly, annoying person. (Webster's Dictionary)  An airhead.  A "dumb blond."  Someone who's life revolves around only her (or his) interests and says some of the things that just leave you with your mouth open.

And now that you have leaned how to Twerk, have fun.  I never could use a hula hoop.  They didn't come out until I was in college and my low back just doesn't move that way.

Thanks for all your comments.  And yes, we do enjoy our friendship.


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holoa hoops were in the 50's.... What do you mean college? 


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hoop skirts and that was in the 1800s.

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we should probably confirm that with the iceman since he was there in personWink

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And this why we love our men friends, they do try so hard! You just gotta love them, whether they are twits trying to twerk or just being there!

                                                Love and prayers of good health,


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