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A very heavy heart

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It is with a very heavy and broken heart that I have to tell you that sweet Dawne passed away earlier this evening. Dawne fought so hard and inspired so many people. Please keep her family in your prayers. God Bless

                                                   (((hugs))) Janice

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Joined: May 2010

So very sad to read this. Yes, prayers go out to her  family. She will be missed.

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Joined: Jun 2008

Janice, what difficult news to share.  I am so sorry.  Prayers for peace for all.  xoxoxo Lynn

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Double Whammy
Posts: 2791
Joined: Jun 2010

My condolences to you and to Dawne's family.  I remember when she joined CSN, I think in 2010, shortly after I did.  She was indeed a fighter for such a long time and will be missed by alll.


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Janice, you have been a dear friend to keep us informed.  Bless you.  Linda


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I willl keep Dawne's family and friends in my prayers. She is already missed.
Hugs and prayers,

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Hugs, Kathi

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Joined: Apr 2013

Sincere condolences to her family. And to you, Janice.

Hugs, Carmen

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Joined: Dec 2010

I am so so sad to hear of Dawne's passing. What a shame to lose such a beautiful person inside & out. And so terribly difficult for you, & her friends & family.

The only thing is, at least her suffering did not last for months. The only peace there is, is in knowing her pain has ended.

aisling8's picture
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Joined: Feb 2010

to read this, but I agree with cinnamonsmile, at least there is no more pain and discomfort.

My condolences to her family and to you, Janice.



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So sorry to hear this news.  It was not unexpected but so sad none the less.  My condolences and thoughts go out to her family and friends.  And to you, dear Boppy,, I offer a cyber hug and gentle thoughts.  I know what a friend she was to her and you to her.  While going through this it is always a comfort to have someone by your side that knows what you are going through.  She was blessed to have you as a friend. My heart goes out to you for your loss.  I will light a candle for her.


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Terribly sorry to hear this news.  Thank you Janice for being there for her and for keeping us updated.  I hope you and Dawne's family can find some peace and solace now.


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Praying for Dawnes family, and friends~



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that is so sad, You were such a great friend to her, and gave her such comfort.

Jean 0609's picture
Jean 0609
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Joined: Jun 2010

I will keep Dawne and her famiy in my prayers.  Janice, thanks for being such a special friend to Dawne and for keeping us posted on everything.





Boppy_of_6's picture
Posts: 1138
Joined: Apr 2010

The service for Dawne is tomorrow morning at 11. Please remember the family at this time. I thank you all for the kind words. Dawne was a wonderful lady and friend. I can only hope that I was as good a friend to her as she was to me. She always seemed to know just what to say to make everyone feel better. I am very blessed to have had the privledge to call her my friend. I will never forget her. God Bless you all

                                                                  (((hugs))) Janice

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Dawne's family, and loved ones are in my thoughts and Prayers.  

Janice - What a true, wonderful and caring friend you have been to Dawne and her family.  I am positive your friendship will shine forever.


Vicki Sam

Posts: 896
Joined: Sep 2009

so very sorry - sending you BIG hugs and gentle peace.

 much love,


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Joined: Apr 2011

Unfortunately I don't get on here to often to keep up on what's happening, but felt today I needed to return to pay my respects to a beautiful lady and beautiful soul. I'll keep Dawnes family in my prayers this week and Janice don't ever second guess your friendship and what it meant to Dawne. The love and compasion you shared with us over this past year regarding Dawnes current status at the time, speaks volumes as to the connection you two had. My deepest condolences to you as well...  Damn this disease.



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Dear Janice,

You have been a wonderful friend to Dawne.  I am certain she was always grateful to you for reporting to the board on how things were going for her.  

I will be having chemo when the service starts tomorrow.  I will be praying along with all of you though I am physically far away but spiritually there with you.  Please keep in touch.

Hugs to you,



ManWithaMission's picture
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My heart broke when I read this post. My deepest sympathy to Dawne's family & friends, they are in my prayers at this time of loss. Cyber Hugs and prayers to you,Janice, for keeping us all informed of Dawne's condition this past year and for being the "BEST" friend to her,too.

Another "PINK ANGLE" to watch over us!

A Pink Brother,Robert

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Joined: Jan 2011

Dawn was a wonderful person. She'll truly be missed by many. She fought so hard.


Posts: 1521
Joined: Jan 2010

I am so sorry to hear of Dawne's passing. You were a wonderful friend to her and she was a brave warrior.



Posts: 332
Joined: Sep 2010

My prayers are with her family in their loss. May she rest in peace in God's arms

Hugs and Prayers,Diana

New Flower
Posts: 4299
Joined: Aug 2009

My condolences to family and fiends. We lost our pink sister who touched many lives and won her fight. Rest in peace, no suffering no pain.

 My candle is lighting, My thoughts are with family at this time.


 you have been a very good and dear friend to Dawne, I am very sorry for your loss.

With deepest sympathy

New Flower


Boppy_of_6's picture
Posts: 1138
Joined: Apr 2010

Thank you all again so very much. Dawne was definitely a fighter. She was surrounded by her family when she passed just like she would have wanted. Her service today was beautiful and was perfect for her. Dawne and I had a special friendship because of BC and we loved each other because if this bond. She touched my life forever. I will never forget her. She loved being a part of such a wonderful group of ladies and men on this board. Thank you all again. God Bless

                                   (((hugs))) Janice

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Christmas Girl
Posts: 3691
Joined: Apr 2009

Our Texasgirl, sweet Dawne... Am heartbroken to learn of her passing, even while not shocked. So sad, another life lost to dreadful cancer. She fought like a trooper, never gave up...

Sending extra special thoughts & prayers for comfort & healing - for her family & loved ones, all who knew her. And for you, Janice. You were a great friend to Dawne - no doubt. And, are a great friend to all of us here. Knowing it certainly wasn't easy for you to keep us informed, often sharing difficult updates. This news the worst of all possible. (((Hugs))) for you.

Kind regards, Susan



Posts: 6561
Joined: Oct 2010

so sorry to hear...Thanks for the update..


CypressCynthia's picture
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Oh Janice, I am so sorry to hear of this.  She was such a sweet person and everyone here will miss her.  You have been a wonderful friend and I know you will miss her.  You are all in my prayers tonight.  Fly free sweet Dawne.

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we have lost some good ones .

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I don't get online that often anymore but felt compelled to drop in on this day.  My heart is saddened by this news.  Dawne will always have a place in my heart.

She was always so caring and happy.  I will miss her dearly.

Janice, you have been such a dear friend to our dear pink sister and my heart felt condolences travel to you as well.

Rest In Peace Dawne....



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Joined: Dec 2011

I haven't been on in a while.  I do get on every month or so to check on you all.  So sorry to hear about Dawne-- she was such a fighter.

Prayers for her family....


LoveBabyJesus's picture
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Joined: Jan 2011

I will always remember Dawne because she was one of the first people I interacted with on this forum. She was always responsive with a very positive attitude.

RIP sweet Dawne. You will be missed.

Sending prayers to her family during this difficult time.

I am sadden we lost another sister. I wish this could end.

smilingdeb's picture
Posts: 50
Joined: May 2011

I don't get on here that much anymore but I have been thinking of Dawne the last few days on how she was doing. When I read this post it just broke my heart. She use to make me laugh when she post on the board no matter how tired, sick or etc.. I felt. She will be miss.

Thank you Janice for the updates and you were a true friend to her and her family. Not only is she looking down at her family and smiling she is looking down at her friend that she loved dearly and smiling at you too.

Sending my paryers to her family and RIP Dawne.

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