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I'll take it!

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Scans today. A few stable mets. The rest are gone or going. I am a fortunate guy. 18 months of nivolumab and 4 rounds of Il-2. Still getting zometa. Next scan in 3 months. Damn! Is life good or what? This means that about 90% of my cancer has disappeared in the last couple years. AWESOME! AWESOME! AWESOME! How long can this last?

After nephrectomy in March 2011, All I asked for was to enjoy my last summer. Anything else was a gift. Well, THANK YOU!

Folks, keep the faith. Share the Karma. Don't give up. Kidney cancer is no longer killing us in 6 months or a year. Hell, I'm gonna be 62. I was happy to see 59. I may see 65. Maybe 70. I didn't think I would do that without cancer. Best part is I am getting strong and healthy. I have been exercising with light weights. I will start running again. Maybe tomorrow.........OK, old joke....Do you know why I exercise with light weights?.........Cuz I can't pick up heavy ones!..yuk, yuk, yuk.

My wife turned 60 today. She says I gave her the best present she has ever had. Oh, p-shaw..(I gave her roses too. she didn't care).

I had been a little nervous since finishing Il-2. Not knowing if it would work. I thought about these scans frequently as everyone does. But today, I had to go in for blood work, scans, MD visit and zometa. I felt great the whole time. Almost giddy. The scans just had to be good. I knew it. I feel too good.

The message here is that not everyone will be as lucky as me but, don't give up. Be your own advocate. Get more opinions. Be comfortable and in agreement with your plan of care. I am doing good. But others are doing great. Do everything you can to fight. If the current treatments aren't helping, you need to be here for the next one that becomes available. But you need to be here. We all do this together.....Pizza and beer anyone?

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Fox, Keep counting until you catch up with me I turned 70 last year and my wife turns 70 this year. My little girl is 47 today. Yes my wife gave birth on the day of the first Superbowl.




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I'll take a bottle and a slice!  That is wonderful news....I could just hug you for staying so healthy!

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Yes Fox, you are Da Man..!!  You deserve the great results...!!!  Thanks for everything you do and have done to help me and all of us..!!  If I win the lottery I would buy you a new Heavy Duty..!


Celebrate Life..!!



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Inspiring :)

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Every day is a good day! keep going Fox, no stopping now!



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What great news to start my day with!  If it made me feel this good I can only imagine how elated you and your wife must be.  Drink up!  It's gonna be a fantastic year...for all of us!


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Gordon Charles
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C'mon Fox...do you actually think that a man who takes on HD IL-2  and various other meds with the drive that you display, that he's going to let a little things like delinquent kidney cells get him down?  I personally think that the mets have done a cost-benefit analysis on you and have decided you present too great a challenge.  No Prisoners!

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Good Morning and Congratulations!!

Thanks for sharing your good news and encouraging all of us

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Hell Fox, I think you are damn near indestructible. I think you are going to make into your 90’s and suck social security (SSN) bone dry so young guys like me will never collect a dime.  You’re going to be the Methuselah of cancer patients.  I think for you next oncologist appointment you should wear this t-shirt


 Ok back to being serious - Congratulations Fox enjoy your beer and pizza.


Life is good  - BDS  


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Way to go Fox!  I had a feeling you'd do well with IL2. I'm very happy for you! Ride that moto at first sign of warm weather.


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Foxhound, you are a phenomenon in itself! I am so happy for you! You have filled everyone with hope and happiness with your news.

Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy!



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There was a song once by the Fabulous Thunderbirds called Wrap It Up (I"ll take it ) excuse me i am just tripping with that said i am happy for you and your family for the good news.

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Posts: 3183
Joined: Oct 2011

Thanks everyone. From no hope to a promising future. Tonight is beer and pizza night.  Everything is looking good. I started the week with a chilly but enjoyable 40 mile ride on my bike. Then great news about my health, and an easy jog to start my day today. Can't forget my wife's birthday. This weekend I'll go to a motorcycle show with my riding buddy. What a phenomenal week. I'll probably never be cured but I can live this way. For a long time.

We have to remember that a good scan is not a promise for the future. But stable is a big step. My doctor thinks that I have a good chance to continue improving without any new treatments. I'm not so sure but I'll wait till next scan. My wife wants me to have the remaining mets removed. We'll see. I'd like to say that I have time to make any new decisions. The one thing that I know is that my doctor has saved my life so far. Did I mention that she gives me a big hug after my visits? It's wonderful to know she cares. As do all of you. Thanks. FLY. Fox loves you.

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     Ever since I have came to this site you have been fighting this dreadful disease.  I am so proud to know you and I am just blown away by your accomplishments!  You have become my inspiration, and I am so happy for the good results!  Keep it up, it does give me hope that we just might eventually be able to beat it!

                                        Love and prayers for good health!


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Don't have any beer or pizza handy, so I'll just have to do a happy dance.  Keep it up!

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Posts: 3183
Joined: Oct 2011

my hero Brenda. God I love it when people stand up and deal with this stuff head on.Mets here, mets there. Nothing is scarier than brain mets. You just faced it and went forward. So proud of you. I'm just lucky.... Kathy, I feel the floor shake. Thats a hell of a happy dance! Thanx. Wife and I made pizza tonite. We have got it down! Our pizza is awesome! Just grabbed a couple of beers and ready to watch some hoops tonite. No worries.

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Enjoy your well-deserved pizza and beer. Happy belated b-day to Mrs. Fox! You will need the next 40 years worth of presents to make up for the scares you put her through (not on purpose). I recommend buying diamonds wholesale.

Love you man.


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Posts: 3183
Joined: Oct 2011

My wife would rather have more dogs than jewelry. I've never had to wash jewelry off my shoes though...Are you really taking a road trip?

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I had a large beer in celebration last night, but opted for a real Mexican burrito instead of pizza. It was great!


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a belated happy birthday to your wife; as a survivor's wife myself, take her at her word. Your results ARE the best birthday gift a wife could receive!!!!


i forgot it was my birthday last summer until my mother-in-law reminded me; my husband was in morphine land so he too forgot. Hoping my next birthday gives me a healthy husband. Until then, it will be scan to scan.

hawaii energized his recovery and was wonderful but way too short.


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Your experience also make me think of a Fabulous Thunderbirds song . Tuff Enough .

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