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CT done....results were expected

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Hello everyone,

I wasn't sure I wanted to post this time around.  But it's been a long journey.  I had a very long visit with my primary today.  We talked of many things, but mainly quality of life issues for me.  I graduated high school with this fellow.  Seems like a different lifetime.  We've decided to change up my pain medication to a time released morphine.  And adding once again the gabapentin for the nerve pain I'm experiencing.  I have many things to consider, and facing things head on is something I've prided myself on all my life.  Most of my noduals in the lungs have stayed stable...one little bugger is growing since the past scan. 

I will be having a sleep test done in home to satisfy Medicare to pay for home oxygen therapy.  I laughed so hard at this one.  But o.k. whatever it takes.  I need to show them that the lungs are below 90 sats....won't be hard, and wouldn't take 24 hrs to prove.  I bounce between 80 to 87.  My life is changing.....but I'm going to give it my all and live life as I want to. 

There wasn't an experation tag attached to our talk.  But we locked eyes and I told him it was all good...I accept it is what it is.  So for today my friends I will continue to stand with you and for you.  Nothing but the best wished for you all.  Hugs sent !  Katie  

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You have made many friends on CSN, and we will stand with you and for you, for as long as is needed.  You are a very brave person.  Please keep us posted so we can know how we can help for the rest of your journey.



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There is no expiration to our love for you.  Keeping things on your terms seems the right thing to do.  I am still hoping and praying for you,


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You will be number one in my night time prayers tonight.  I will pray for healing, strength and peace for you, dear Katie.


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Thank you for showing your strength, will, might, and fight to us all. I know, even though the suffering is great, your spirit is a great force, unbending and shining brightly.


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jim and i
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Praying for a special miracle for a special person.



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Katie, you are one of the strongest individuals I have encountered, and am honored to call you my friend. You choose to stand and fight when others would quit. You are living life on your terms, and that is my definition of quality of life. I'm praying that your lung tumors remain stable, and you continue to beat the beast on your terms.



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your booty, we're not going to pay any attention to an experation tag~~~ Katie bug, you have been my inspiration from the first time I posted on here, we all stand with you. Love ya


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Katie, words can't express the admiration I have for you.  You are such a strong and inspirational woman and everyone of us here love you and will stand with you thru your battle.  you are always in my prayers and I will continue to pray for a miracle for you.  you are a truly amazing human being and i'm very proud to know you and call you friend.

God bless you, Katie,


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We stand together...

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without realizing it, you teach us how to be.....When I'm letting the "what-if's" float through my brain, all I have to do is read one of  your posts, and then I know "what-if".....I'll take the bull by the horns and say "ok...but we're doing it my way."  I never leave a post you've written without being a stronger person.....guts and grit....you are such a strong woman, and I wanna be just like you.

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And watch in admiration how a true hero handles the hurdles thrown at her in life. Your spirit is absolutely amazing. I can only hope to handle the hurdles that are thrown my way by following your example...with grace and an unbelievable strenth and spirit. 


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Certainly glad you decided to post. I need to know what's up with the 2nd Katie in my life. I rely on you to give me that occasional poke on Facebook to keep me awake. I am certainly glad your going to give it your all. We all stand behind you, giving you our all.

Fight on Katie!!!  Thoughts and Prayers to you always.


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There are no apporpiate words to describe the feelings I have for each and everyone of you.  This site is so important for not only learning....healing.....moving forward, but sometimes acceptance.  I may not always be able to help guide on tx's..but always on the human side of things.  God bless you all.  Katie

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God hears our prayers



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Jan Trinks
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Glad you had a long visit with your primary and discussed things on your terms!  Don't know if you're a college basketball fan or not but I'm sure you know about Jimmy V's cancer research organization and his motto was "Never Give Up!"  You are a perfect example of that.  Charlie was quite a basketball fan and especially the ACC since he was from NC and a big Tarheel fan.  Charlie to my knowledge was never depressed or he certainly didn't show it and I didn't see it in him.  Of course I was such a basketcase and still am sometimes!  I tell people since I worked at Jo-Ann's for 1 1/2 years and didn't do an eighth of what he did for 26+ years at Kmart that when we are reunited I will probably have to spend my 1st five years in heaven on my knees begging his forgiveness for not realizing how grueling retail work really is!  Will be praying for you and to have peace and enjoy life on your terms.  God Bless!


Jan (Basketcase)

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Lifting prayers for hope and grace, kate.

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