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Melanoma/Brain cancer

So, I guess I should start this story at the beginning which was approximately 3 weeks ago. My brother was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer. They think it started at a spot on the back of his neck. They removed that along with lymph nodes. Sent him to Columbus Ohio for a full body scan. Those results were devaststing. They said he had a tumor in each lung and 30 plus spots in one lung. They told him it had already gone into his blood and bones.  Now this past Friday he had a Pet Scan of the brain and it showed that he had 2 spots there also. Tomorrow he is scheduled for radiation for his whole brain. There will be 10 altogether. He is only 47 years old. Is there anybody out there than has been through this procedure or knows someone that did? What can we expect. The brain controlls everything throughout your body and we are worried about some of the side effects they told him ie. brain swelling, seizures, unbalanced etc. Your feed back would be greatly appreciated and thank you.



My husband has metastatic lung cancer. It is in his lung, liver, spine, ribs & brain. It is now in his bones. He had about 12 radiation treatments to his brain, maybe more. They gave my husband steroids to take to control brain swelling. Unfortunately there are side effects as a result of the radiation. My husband is 71 and I can only tell you about him. He has had dizziness along with memory problems. He sometimes forgets how to use his cellphone. Your brother is young and hopefully strong. Just know you are not alone. There are other people dealing with it too! Just be there to support him. There may be some difficult times ahead.

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